Sprint number in a different state?

Hi all,

I’m happily back on Sprint on my Moto X Pure. I checked my underlying Sprint number in case I would have to call 911 or something. My “real” number ported fine, but I noticed that my Sprint number is in North Carolina while I am in Wisconsin. I’m guessing it’s not a big deal, but I didn’t know if, say, 911 would be confused by a call in Wisconsin coming from a North Carolina number. The area codes are one number off: 920 vs. 919.

I did a search on this, but couldn’t find anyone else who had this question.

I have always had an underlying number in my local area…so I am guessing this might not have been intentional.

I would recommend submitting a help ticket to change your underlying Sprint number. Be sure to note the regional discrepancy otherwise you might end up with another underlying number from NC. I do hope you don’t run into the scenario of having to dial 911, but I agree that a non-local phone number would be unnecessary confusion at a time of stress.

Hi @revmra,

Republic might very well be able to change the number as mentioned by @amitl but I don’t believe the North Carolina number was unintentional. Like yours, the secondary number on my CDMA provisioned Moto X Pure is a 919 area code number.

In many, if not most jurisdictions, there are already multiple area codes. Add in students attending schools away from home, folks traveling, etc. I don’t think a 911 call originating from a number outside the area one lives in will (in and of itself) flummox a 911 operator. Much more likely to flummox them is the scenario of a Republic member blissfully unaware their phone has a secondary number providing a number other than the one the 911 operator sees on their screen. Even that scenario should be handled with aplomb by a properly trained competent 911 operator.

Glad to know I’m not alone, Roland. I’ll just let it be. I’m glad I checked it, though.

Not long after I first joined RW, I was a passenger in a winter-related fender bender. Thankfully, I had checked my Sprint number and knew the deal with it. I had looked at it recently enough so that even though I didn’t have it memorized, I knew that the number 911 said I was calling from was correct. I save it as a note on my phone so that I remember. If I get any wrong numbers from people with vaguely southern accents, I’ll know why

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