Sprint offering 5G in Dallas Get Ready Republic

Just announced May in Dallas 5G service woo hoo

I think the woo-hoo is premature. There are no compatible phones yet. Those that will be released will be well over $1,200. The initial 5G implementations will offer little over 4G to the average user. What exactly are you doing on your cell phone that would benefit from bandwidth greater than what’s available today? I would be surprised if the average consumer is impacted by 5G before 2021 or 22 at the earliest.

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5G is not useful for cellular tech at this point, in my opinion.
It will benefit most for wireless based home Internet providers though.

Even if you had a 5G phone, with a big carrier on “Unlimited” plan, they would still cap your speeds to super slow to force 480p video etc. Unless you pay much more to use “Premium Unlimited”. So, what is the point or need for super fast 5G network, other then to just charge even more money???

Republic is wifi first centric service…5G is not really relevant to them. Additionally, they do not own or mange any of the cellular networks they partner with, so I do not think there is anything they need to do in regards to that.

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