Sprint/Tmobile Merger APPROVED!

I do see some RW customers, the hold outs that have the DefyXT or the legacy phones and how…passionately outspoken, many of them are on here about the low low cost and how they are really upset having to pay more to change to a modern phone.

I suspect that at least some of these user would qualify for this Lifeline program, which, most dont know that all major carriers do offer their own version of.(though are more expensive than the mvnos offer it seems) There is BYOP now even. If you have meidcare, EBT, disablilty, or are low income, u qualify. This I consider a very valid alternative to those folks that absolutely need ultra low cost cell plan service.

…back to topic at hand.

But now that TM/Sprint merger is a real thing, the offer of a $15 a month plan, is a real game changer, in my mind. At this time, I (my mother as well) do not use much mobile data and I my slef, still have ~4months left of my 1yr plan on RW, that i already paid for…but unless things change for me by then, and i need to use lots of data, i am very much considering moving to Tello as it is $10 a month for unlimted talk/text and 1GB. But now, not as certain, as Tello may go away after the TM merger thing.

I also can not make use of RW wifi calling and hangover cause it sometimes causes the phone to ring 1.5 times then act like it never rang…documented in other thread.

Qlink service can be cancelled by calling their customer service number.

why bother…it free and certified for 1yr…good for a backup i suppose. and i just cant be bothered to call in for her…if i cant do it online, not much interest in it. She signed her self up for it online…thought she could keep her number, so she dont care for it now that she cant if she switched.

She happy with RW service, but, like i mentioned, is needing a lower cost option and i have been researching other providers for her. Sprint network is fine for her, and she very rarely is out and about anyways.

Would liek to see RW have an even cheaper option(that has a tiny amount of mobile data)…and, why i mention the new TM plan of $15 is a real competitor to RW at that price.

Just to be a good citizen I suppose. If she’s not using it, the USF can be used to support services for others who really need it.

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For what it’s worth, the CPUC has yet to approve the TMO/Sprint merger:

Things look poised to drag out a bit longer…

I’m confident Republic continues to look for ways to add value. That said, the potential $15 plan from T-Mobile doesn’t indicate that would be the pricing for a single line. T-Mobile’s announcement does reference the potential new plan would be half of today’s least expensive T-Mobile postpaid plan which is currently $30 per month but that’s for 4 lines. A single line is currently $60/month. So, will half price for a single line be $30/month?

If looking at T-Mobile prepaid options, today’s least expensive plan is $40/month. Previously available less expensive paygo options have been farmed out to Ultra Mobile.

Time will tell how all this plays out…


It wouldn’t surprise me if a $15 plan is a means to beta test VoLTE-only service. Much as I feel Verizon has been doing with their Visible brand.

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That’s entirely plausible as the announcement does refer to it as a 5G plan. The devil, as always, is in the details and, to date, details are light.

Far as been reported it is for single line…but that could be wrong.
Just have to wait and see.
There is also Metro at $30 for 2GB plan single line…but that is still way high price imo.

Is that what Visible is then? VoLTE-only. I had not read that anywhere.
If so, that could be what TM may be moving towards in that regard.

Of course, but, it will get approved…eventually mark my words :money_mouth_face:

Yes, Visible is VoLTE only. If you’re in an area where Verizon only has 3G service, you get nothing. Visible also doesn’t have access to any roaming or to the areas where coverage is provided by the LiRA agreement.

VoLTE, with Wi-Fi calling available on a very limited number of phone models.

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Never been happy with service from Tmobile or Sprint (tried both gsm and cdma) lousy coverage in many areas I visit cant make a call, very frustrating will be switching to Spectrum mobil after my paid for one year is up.

Hi @path.09b8a4,

I’m sorry to see you’re having some coverage concerns and are not happy with our service. I’m going to open a Help Ticket on your behalf so I can talk to you a bit more about specifics related to your account.

If you eventually end up going to Spectrum Mobile, here is an article you may want to check out

Thank you!

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