Sprint/Tmobile Merger Complete!

Thanks for the response. I am a bit leery of buying a CDMA phone, especially with only the really expensive phones having CDMA capability. But I also cannot tolerate a phone that barely gets a signal. Guess I have to trust buying a used phone that has CDMA. :frowning:


It’s a technicality, but the FCC still hasn’t taken the vote yet.

Every CDMA phone is also a GSM/LTE phone so there’s no harm in buying a phone with CDMA because it is capable of being used with both partners.

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There are several low to mid priced CDMA compatible phones available.



A couple days ago I found a really great page on this site that showed the device and if it supported CDMA or GSM, but I am now struggling to find it. The link you provided doesn’t appear to show this either, so I still have some searching to do.


Hi @gap,

Here’s one that has much info.



This is it. Thanks!!!

Funny thing. While going through the list of phones I saw Moto X Pure and remembered that I have one stashed away. The one we bought (used) a while back had a bad battery, and my wife wasn’t as happy with the camera as she thought, so we bought her a new phone and stored the X Pure. I dug it out and will see about getting battery replaced and then transfer my G3 to the X Pure. Now I don’t have to buy an overpriced phone just to get CDMA support. :slight_smile:


But you will need to request a CDMA SIM from support: How to Request a 3.0 CDMA SIM Card – Republic Help

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If this merger gets the final okay from the unnamed federal judge would it maybe mean that RW could begin serving more zip-codes, like my new one (04915)?

First, it’ll likely take a least a couple of years before the merger is completed on the network side by the providers, so it’ll be a while before anything changes. Second, since Republic already has access to both Sprint and T-Mobile as partners, it likely won’t have anything to do with new service areas as if neither network covers the area, there’s no reason to believe that both combined would. 0+0 still equals 0.


TMO & Sprint merger - what does it mean for RW customers?

A better network-eventually. It’s going to take years and years, but, eventually, we should have a solid network.

Things heating up…this new $15 plan by TM is some very strong competition for RW
If merger happens.

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Meh. I went 6 months into the Sprint free year plan before I finally gave up and decided free wasn’t worth the hassle of dealing with Sprint’s congested network. There’s competition everywhere. Visible, Mint, Red Pocket, insert carrier name here.

Here’s the thing. Republic customers are either on Sprint or T-mobile cellular network and this will be very interesting. Republic will now have to offer free data

I’m not sure how you come to that conclusion. Republic will have to respond to the market. Carriers offer promotional offers all the time. Sprint offered completely free service for quite a while. Republic didn’t have to offer free service. There will always be space in the market for numerous products, those products don’t need to be identical or in any way structured like other carriers.

This all said, there is still the state lawsuit for T-Mobile and Sprint to overcome. I think we’re continuing to count unhatched :chicken:s.

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I was on Sprints free one year…for 11 months. Then switched to RW cause of the low cost. And because Tmobile network is just the best imo. Where I live, Sprint’s network is very good, in 98% of the locations I go to or tested in. LTE speeds even were much higher than Tmobile was in some spots. But LTE quality or speed was not an issue…it was how Sprint severely throttled things that killed my ability to use thier network, AND the Unlimited data. My home media server/DVR, Emby (alike to Plex) they considered on network end music stream and clamped a speed cap of 1megs, making streaming videos impossible. I had unlimited data, but no was to use it…Also, no VOLTE, LTE data while on call, no VVM…but hey, it was “free” for the year, well like $3 a month cause of taxes.

I have no intent to ever use Sprint again.

Let’s be serious if they don’t offer free data Republic Wireless deal will just look bad. Plus T-mobile’s phone selection is way better than the one here. Added to that the majority of Republic Wireless customers are using T-Mobile’s cellular network. I see myself switching when the deal gets approved

As long as TMobile includes at least voice roaming no reason not to switch.

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