Sprint/Tmobile Merger Complete!

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RW is indeed small but has a history of innovation. RW has unique qualities that should be noted when comparing to other companies. They are a VOIP company with cell backup. That helps them be cost competitive but is one reason that some phones are incompatible.

One recent innovation is the Extend Home device (currently in Beta) that can replace an existing land line or VOIP service like OOMA. It is like having 2 lines for the price of one because you can be on a call with your cell and a wired phone (connected to Extend Home) at the same time.

I don;t think RW will offer free data because their business model is based on VOIP/wifi keeping cost low for the company and users alike (like me who are on wifi most of the time).


Looks like the merger is getting the green light tomorrow from the judge per reports from the WSJ! Both Sprint and T-Mobile stocks have already popped in after-hours trading.


I’ll need to start planning on where to move my RW line. Once the networks are combined I’ll likely lose service.

It does appear to be a major step forward…but, it still won’t be a done and final thing for some time still i would think. Still has to get approval from a CA thing and also there are the other state lawsuits that will draw things out…

I wonder when TM will call it done deal, and instigate the changes they said they would implement if the deal is final…like their $15 Unlimited plan.

I don’t understand how that would happen.
RW uses Tmobile or Sprint, depending on your SIM or phone model(legacy).
A combined network, I would think existing devices would be provisioned to work on it.

Either way, I don’t think they have released just how they plan to “combine” the raw networks. Shut down the Sprint CDMA and instead make it GSM, or keep the CDMA and make it a Hybrid system, (kinda alike to how Fi can switch between both).

Regardless, it would most certainly be some time, year or 2 before customers experienced and real world change.

CDMA is going to be shut down with in a year or 2 anyway (making the network LTE)(being phased out for 5G) the most likely thing that will happen is T-Mobile will add the Sprint LTE to it’s network and give a time frame for CDMA shut down (this may be quicker than if Sprint was alone)

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Sprint as we know it now will eventually be shut down. It all depends on what Sprint towers they keep and repurpose for new TMobile. I realize this won’t happen overnight.

Do you have a source for this?

I recall reading that 3G networks are being shut down…VZW and Sprint already been doing that. but not read anything certain on the merger plan for the raw networks.

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Mostly, it will depend upon one’s phone. A newer Republic compatible phone capable of using Sprint’s current LTE bands for calling wouldn’t be impacted negatively. In fact, the combined network would potentially improve coverage.


Sprint is working toward decommissioning the CDMA network (date unknown, best guess may be by the end of 2021). As such they started to cease activation of 3G-only devices beginning April 30th, 2019 (for some reason Republic Wireless hasn’t followed suit).

I don’t have a source at hand but i have read that a lot of Sprint’s spectrum will be used for 5G.

I do kinda wonder then what will become of Sprint MVNO’s out there…like Tello…
Virgin is shutting down, wonder how many more will follow.
Or does that mean the TM and Sprint MVNOs will gain access to both networks?

that would be the Spectrum current Sprint CDMA is using will be phased over to 5G, may include some of Sprint LTE that overlaps with T-Mobiles LTE

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Virgin merge with Boost is long over due
Boost will be the main front off Dish’s new 4th nation wide network (acting a bit like a T-Mobile MVNO while it build out it’s network with some of Sprints towers that T-Mobile has agree to give them)
most Sprint MVNOs will be come T-Mobile MVNOs, some my sign contracts to become a Dish’s MVNO or move to AT&T or Verizon, some may choose to just shut down as their business case no longer makes sense

The judge did thorw. out the states lawsuits…

there is a the new tmobile website that does explain TMs intentions i found.

Anyway, the details of the budget $15 Tmobile Connect Plan have yet to be released, but it was previously reported to be a unlimited talk/text with 2GB of data that when runs out, u have to buy more (no slow to 2G). This woudl be a VERY big draw in, to have a post-paid (assumedly) plan that cheap direct from the network carrier.

I think a big question will be data prioritization. Having tried Visible, which is wholly owned by Verizon, I’ve discovered that it doesn’t matter who owns what. All that matters are the T&Cs around data prioritization. As the data with Visible is in the lowest priority bucket in my area (the DC area) where the Verizon network is very busy, it is unusable. It would surprise me if the $15 plan isn’t very deprioritized which would make it hard to use in many locations.

I wonder if that is what is happening with the phone i have that is on Sprint, via Qlink Wireless Lifeline program. It works on Sprint LTE for a short time, then it is like they block any use of it, nothing connects for about 5 min, i get the ! on the signal bars, sometimes an x, and phone sayes need to log into the Sprint network. It seems to happen every 2 min or 200mb used. So it make streaming video very hard. Maybe it being de-prioritized so much.

Who knows how TM will govern their newly created plans…

I also wonder how Google Fi will make out, now that they technically can no longer claim they have 3 network partners. Maybe they can get VZW, to make their trio complete again. A phone that can dynamically move from N.T.M./USC/VZW would be really useful for many.

Don’t you have Republic service? Why do you have a phone on the lifeline program?

For my mother who has RW service as well and has had for a few years now, long before i moved over. Ever since I got here the original Moto g then later a E4. But the $20 a month plan for RW is a bit too pricey for her as they have cut her monthly benefits down and budget is very tight for her. And several years ago those lifeline programs we’re very very limited it now seems that they’ve updated them to be more modern. But so far I have not found it to be reliable or worthwhile. I also did not know that they do not accept VoIP or landline number port ins…so, at this point, proably just going to use the “free” service and 3GB for mobile hotspot,if ever need such. I cant seem to cancel the service or program.

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