Sprints plans to keep up in the 5G race (LTE=Long Term Evolution)


I suspect, but without any evidence at all, that most mvno agreements, including the one Republic has, are longer-term locking prices for several years. Planning businesses around a shorter-term agreement would be largely impossible. Unless I’m missing something, the article is also largely talking about retail offerings sprint has where they’re generally undercutting the market by nearly 50%.


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Have you explored job opportunities in tabloid journalism or online click-bait style advertising? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This title is quite an example of the fear mongering based on nothing more than speculation.

Let’s please come up with a title that’s more realistic. It looks like the real story that would have more impact to our members is the reported network improvements, right?

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VentureBeat also reports that Sprint will have to increase prices to $70 or $80 for unlimited 5G data, which would bring it more in line with its competitors.

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I believe you’re giving too much credit to @TheDoctor by using the word speculation.



It’s not so unusual for a new network generation to have a higher cost than the older Generations at first. This happened with both 3G and 4G when they were both introduced [example is Republic’s 1.0 plans] once the 5G Network becomes the default Network prices will not be differentiated by the generation.

Also note at first I highly doubt any MVNOs will have access to 5G.

Add a note most of Sprint’s price increases is happening due to expiration of discounts given when they were giving half price plans compared to other service providers


I renamed this … On Sprints part, this looks like it is progress :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi @TheDoctor,

I did want to also thank you for posting the article. When I read it, I see something very different, (but equally interesting) than what you took away from it. Think about this:

VentureBeat also reports that Sprint will have to increase prices to $70 or $80 for unlimited 5G data, which would bring it more in line with its competitors.

It’s interesting to me that, having convinced our population that unlimited is a basic necessity, the major carriers may now feel free to raise prices on unlimited with very little impact to their subscription rates. Our members have chosen something other than “unlimited” because they know that they can save money by making use of Wi-Fi when it’s available, and that they can put down their phones once in a while and live a little. I think our pricing structure offers people an option to try to save by being cognizant of their cellular data usage, while not overly penalizing folks if they do need to buy more.

I’m concerned for our society every time I go out to dinner and see people sitting around restaurant tables staring into their phones. Parents and teens not even talking to one another. Couples not connecting. I’m more concerned personally, though, when I go to tell my husband about an article I read and instead of being able to recall the details and have a conversation with him about it, I simply default to sharing a link with him. I see myself losing the ability to remember things, (because, why remember them if I know I can find them later?) and becoming less and less capable of maintaining a conversation - something I’ve never been particularly good at anyway.


Wait, did you say something? Sorry, I was looking at my phone.


I believe disconnects in social situations really started in earnest years ago when TV screens started showing up in restaurants, taverns, banks, and etc. placed in/on any empty space that may have be occupied by more creative choices.

It’s certainly become worse and the disconnects can happen anywhere when folks have a device on their person. Went to a riverfront restaurant when my sister and cousin were in town recently. A truly beautiful sunset was partially blocked by many amateurs taking photos with their phones.

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I think that disconnects began long before TV. Radio and recorded music enabled us to hear music without gathering together to make or hear it. Storage lockers and refrigerators enabled us to save the whole hog rather than gathering together and sharing each person’s extra. Automobiles enabled us to avoid mass transit, where we were forced together in uncomfortable yet needed intimacy, and they enabled us to live farther apart from neighbors.

We want our technology but are often made separate and lonely by it. Even by communication technology.


Since I’m so far away from home so much I spend most of my dinners in restaurants staring at my phone. xD


Good discussions about how we used to spend our time and how we do now. If fear we are becoming more disconnected from our fellow humans and thus communities. It would be nice if we could find a better balance.

I’m wondering what this potential policy change could do the the 5G network or if it will even get legs.


My wife and myself still talk to each other; many times we talk real loud to each other (intense discussions aka argument)!


Ajit’s stance to avoid a government run 5G network is more about capitalism than security or technical capability (for better or worse; i don’t mean to say it’s right or wrong here). his view is that gov. should get out of the way of businesses and that innovation will follow more readily if there are fewer regulations and no socialized infrastructure.

Trump’s security advisor has an interesting view on possible hacking of our communications systems by foreign agents, but they would likely be just as able to hack into a government run network too. That, and of course the elephant in the room whenever we talk about government and communications: does/would the government spy on US? that question alone could prevent a government run 5G network from ever taking shape since so many citizens don’t trust ‘big brother’.


That is an excellent post @bitflung.

I wonder if this specific topic should be discussed on the Community website proper. While there may be political aspects of that conversation, it is relevant to the RW way of doing things.


edit: “website proper” was a Faux Pas.

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Political? There’s more than one elephant. Which govt. officials for and against a bureaucratically controlled system receive kickbacks or campaign funding from the associated companies?

5G is here to stay, one of my understandings is that it will be essential to the future of many self driving vehicles and one of the hack concerns. Anyone know the average data consumption per mile (DPM)? Will the Uber and Lyft fares have data surcharges added for high data usage scenarios ?


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