Staff Review of the Moto E5 Play, Samsung J3, and Samsung J7


Every time we add a new phone to our portfolio we have team members test the capabilities. During this time our testers meet with our product team and give feedback on their experience with the new devices. Here’s what the testers had to say about our most recent additions.

Moto E5 Play

Ranked highest by testers: Camera Quality

Here’s what our staff had to say about the Moto E5 Play…

“If someone is looking for most of the features that the more expensive phones have but not looking to spend that money, this phone is a perfect choice” - @Victoria.S

“I would recommend this phone to a friend that’s a lite user. The screen size is pretty good without being cumbersome as well.” - @LarryTheCucumber

Samsung J3

Ranked highest by testers: Feel

Here’s what our staff had to say about the Samsung J3…

“Need a more powerful processor for my primary phone, but it is a great phone for someone that doesn’t need the extra horsepower.” - @patrick.b

“Decent basic phone if someone really wants a Samsung. Definitely the best J3 experience so far.” - @David_L

Samsung J7

Ranked highest by testers: Speakerphone quality

Here’s what our staff had to say about the Samsung J7…

“Battery life has been great. I am always over 70% after a whole day of use.” - @Vault_Dweller

“I think this a good option for Samsung enthusiasts and for people looking for a better camera than the one offered similarly priced Moto phones.” - @denver

We’d like to hear from you - what other questions do you have for our teammates, or if you have or are considering one of these phones, please add your thoughts in the comments.


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