Staff Reviews of the Samsung Galaxy J3, Samsung Galaxy J7, and Moto G5S Plus

Every time we add a new phone to our portfolio we have team members test the capabilities. During this time our testers meet with our product team and give feedback on their experience with the new devices. Here’s what the testers had to say about our most recent additions.

We’d like to hear from you - what other questions do you have for our teammates, or if you have or are considering one of these phones, please add your thoughts in the comments.

Samsung Galaxy J3

Samsung Galaxy J7

Moto G⁵S Plus


Really? The Pure “a brick?”

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Nine (RW) or eleven (Moto) grams my be noticeable for those who may be weight sensitive.


Hi @togeika, I am prone to dramatics, but yes the Pure was heavy for me. Especially compared to the G5S+.


@shannono, I’m with you on that one. I used a Pure, and loved the big sharp display and REALLY loved the front-facing stereo speakers, but MAN, that phone was heavy. I got a G5+ after that, and it felt light as a feather in comparison. Now I carry a Samsung S7 Edge, which is great and not heavy, but I do miss the Pure’s speakers. I don’t miss having to pull my pants up all the time from the weight of the Pure.


@jumphour definitely miss the front facing speakers, and as I play with my G5S+ more I miss the Pure camera. I thought about trying the Samsung S7 Edge (we must share similar phone taste), but I just love the interface of Motos so much I couldn’t switch to Samsung. I have also considered the Pixel for another premium phone but decided to go for a lower priced phone since I break all of my devices.

The Edge is still pretty expensive, but I treated myself to a used one. I love the Moto features too, but the Edge isn’t too far off…there’s an always-on display that shows the time and any notifications, and since it’s AMOLED, it only lights up the white pixels necessary, and it moves around, like a screen saver, to prevent burn-in. And I loved the twist-to-open camera from the Moto phones, but on the Samsung, 3 quick clicks of the home button opens the camera, so I don’t miss that much now either. But that beautiful curved edge display? You might break that. :wink:

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Most likely :confounded: Being able to open the camera with hitting the home button 3 times is tempting. I’ve flung Motos out of my hand trying to open the camera with the twist-to-open feature :woman_facepalming: So now I just open the camera app. lol #growth


There are lots of 3rd party apps that will let you map a double-tap of the power button to a function (such as launching the camera). May want to consider one of them.


My G5S+ was noticeably lighter than my Moto X2, which was smaller than the X Pure, so I can believe it!

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Thanks @louisdi! I’ll look into that :slight_smile:

I know this is an old thread, but I’d sure like to know what you use for a phone case for the MotoG5s+. I’ve been searching Amazon for an hour trying to find something a little more substantial than the Incipio case RW sells along with the phone.

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