Standard Shipping for Extend Home

I would like to suggest offering standard ground shipping for Extend Home purchases (and any others where it is not currently an option). According to the shipping page, I understand that not all options are available for all purchases. HOWEVER, it seems a bit ridiculous that the only options for Extend Home purchases is 2-day or overnight. When I went to make the purchase, my cheapest option for shipping was over $14!

I absolutely love using Republic Wireless precisely because you provide great service at reasonable prices. While providing faster shipping options is nice for those willing to pay for the speed, forcing excessive shipping costs goes directly against part of what makes your company so great. Please consider always providing standard shipping as an option.

Hi @jeffc.ndeewo,

I’m afraid you’d be disappointed.

Because we are asked this so often, I sat down with our logistics team and walked through the process of determining the shipping cost for a ground shipping order, and even in a best-case scenario (business address very close to a shipping hub, in a major, metropolitan area) the cost for shipping ground was actually a few cents more than the cost for 2-day shipping. For most locations, ground shippers include additional fees like fuel surcharges, distance surcharges, residential surcharges, and so on, that make the final cost even more than the 2-day shipping rate.

We’ve also explored working with other shippers for less expensive delivery, but sadly, we were not satisfied with the service we received at that time.

Certain online retailers with gigantic, regional fulfillment centers and incredible order volumes are able to negotiate very attractive shipping rates that have us all a bit spoiled. It is our sincere hope that our members will consider the total lifetime value of a product and the savings we offer. Even though shipping for an individual order may be more than you would hope, the value you’ll get from the Extend Home product will surely make up for those few dollars in a short amount of time.



Thank you for the explanation. Yes, it is disappointing for a total bill to increase by 30% (or more) by adding shipping. It sure seems like there should be a better solution, but it sounds like you’re on top of it.

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