Stanley Cup Final

Back for another round and carrying on the conversation started here: Welcoming a Bunch of Jerks.

Why not start with a poll to see if my fellow Community members are as excited as I am for the prospect of another Boston professional sports championship.

  • Yes, fire up the duck boats!
  • Are you kidding, please no!

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One down, three to go! Let’s Go Bruins!

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Good Morning @louisdi :sunny:

Happy to see you keeping it classy!

Who would have thought if the Blues ceased their impersonation of the Broad Street Bullies, they’re actually capable of playing some hockey. :joy:

Still two down, two to go, so I remain reasonably confident we’ll see another championship parade in Boston. Hey, it’s been a long four month drought! :smiling_imp:


Bruins captain Zdeno Chara playing and starting with a broken jaw.

These late (for me) nights are killing me. Still, it’s been worth it and there’ll be one more. Game 7, winner take all, is Wednesday. Interestingly, this will be the first Stanley Cup Final Game 7 hosted in Boston ever.

Also, congratulations to the Charlotte Checkers (the Hurricanes AHL affiliate) for winning the Calder Cup!


those late game are a pain (when Detroit was in the western conference it happen way to often during the regular season and playoffs) at least St. Louis is only one time zone over

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Getting ready for Game 7, the Bruins have opted for speed and skill to counter the Blues “physical” play. Carson Kuhlman and Matt Grzelcyk are in, David Backes and Connor Clifton are out. It’s got to be killing Backes to sit out the decisive game against his former team.


Your Boston Bruins fan banner captains for tonight are Olympian Aly Raisman of Needham, MA and New England Patriots receiver and Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman. Both are wearing Red Sox jerseys bearing David Ortiz’s number 34. For those who might not know, David Ortiz was recently shot in his native Dominican Republic and is recovering at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Oops!!! One goal for the good guys.

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Hockey is a cruel game. Blues were totally outplayed for 18 of 20 minutes.

I shouldn’t even be watching, but my son’s baseball game was rained out. Of course his baseball coach is also his youth hockey coach (and an avid Blues fan), so I don’t think he tried that hard to get the game in.

Except for the goalie. Still, plenty of time. The next goal is huge.

Yeah, Binnington’s shoulders must be sore from carrying the team for that entire period.

Well, not the result I hoped for but, nonetheless a fun ride! Now, I look forward to returning to a less haphazard schedule. These “late” nights have been wreaking havoc with my early morning running.

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We weep for Boston. They have survived an agonizing 18 1/2 weeks without a major sports championship.


It will be difficult but we shall persevere.

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