Start a new plan with Republic with a number on my current plan

My son wants to start his own plan with Republic and keep the number he has on my plan. He’ll also be getting a new phone. What is the best way to accomplish that?

Hi @jefferyh.nnb9gy!

I would recommend opening a support ticket at Republic Help. You could alternately port out and back in, but I would try opening a ticket first. Hope that helps!


Reading between the lines I’m thinking you and your son each have a phone and you are thinking the plan on your phone applies to his phone? Is that correct? If this is the case when you son gets a new phone he will also get a new Plan (see Plans at the top of this page) and his number will transfer from his old phone to his new phone.

This will not change the plan that is on your phone since plans are per-phone, not per-account.

If your son wants to be on his own account separate from yours, you should open a ticket as @mb2x stated.

Republic Help

He’ll also be getting a new phone.

If he wants his own account he can establish that when he orders his new phone. Once it arrives the phone can be activated as a new phone/number. Once done you would need to open a Support ticket and request to have his number transferred to his new phone/account. Believe this to be the best and easiest way rather than getting Support involved needlessly on the front end and then contacting again for the # transfer.

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