Start up failed - how to find what type of phone I have?

Hi all - I’m trying to do an external reset, but I can’t find where in my account it says what type of phone I have, so I can do the specific type of reset needed. All I can tell is its a motorola.

Is the phone type listed in my account somewhere and I just missed it? Thank you for any suggestions.

Hi @chrisl.dlkngg,

Sorry to hear your phone isn’t feeling well. If you purchased your phone from Republic directly, you would see the model when signed into your Republic account here: Phones | Republic Wireless. If all you see is “Republic Supported Phone”, it’s because the phone was purchased elsewhere.

The above said knowing your phone is a Motorola may be sufficient. Please see if the following helps:

Please note an external reset will wipe your phone. That which is not previously backed up would be lost.


Thank you for your help. Two days later it still hasn’t died so that I can charge it then reset it.

I guess there’s no way to speed up the dying of the charge since I can’t fully boot it in the first place?

Hi @chrisl.dlkngg,

I’m sorry no one addressed the question about speeding up the battery depletion. I think if the phone won’t start up, that would be hard to do, but if it does start up enough to light up the screen, maybe keeping the screen lit would speed things along.

Have you had any luck yet? I’m wondering if the Lenovo rescue tool would be helpful at all?

Hi @chrisl.dlkngg,

If I understand the situation… you have a Moto phone that is on, and you are waiting for the battery to die so you can plug it in and do an external reset?

What happens if you hold down the power button? That should make the phone shutdown and restart. If it does, try this:

Hold the power button down till the phone shuts down, keep holding the power button and quickly press the vol down button as well.

This should get you to the recovery mode so you can continue the steps that @rolandh gave you for the external reset.

Thank you all for the replies. I took it to a cell repair place and they did a factory reboot at a reasonable price, so all is well now. Thanks again.


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