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Got a new phone today and starting to use, trying to move information from old phone to new one. Was told can do live chat anytime, is this live chat?


Hi @toddl.67uhcl

Welcome to the Republic Wireless community. Live Chat usually refers to chatting directly with RW Support, however, we have many knowledgeable members that can help most of the time. In fact, we are the first line of support for general questions, issues, etc, …and most of us a certainly alive.

Getting Help from Republic

The community thrives on detail, so if you can let us know which phones you are moving data between we can provide more accurate information to assist you in making the switch.

So how do I get a walk through on transferring information from the old phone to this one?

Before purchase of this new phone, was told by support can do live chat 24-7?

That may depend on which phone you are transferring data from, if it is an Android phone and your contacts, pictures, calander, apps, etc. are backed up to Google already, it is as simple as signing into the same Google account.

SMS (text messages) will require a third party app to backup and then reinstall on the new phone.

That is why it is important to know which two phones are in play.

Yes, that is true, although the same options will be expressed there as well. If you wish to communicate with RW support directly…

Getting Help from Republic

Ask Republic Help via chat


Have something that you want to chat about with us? Chat is available 24/7.

Click the Chat Now button at the top of the Submit a ticket page to start chatting

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Both are from Republic. Republic should have our phone information on file. And you will be able to see what we have. Me and my wife are looking for less ways to spend on our phones. All we do is text, and call. We know nothing else, this is why I need the walk through. First question asked is about Google setting app, don’t know where that is on the old phone.

Thanks for your patience

No problem @toddl.67uhcl , that is what we are here for.

Although RW Staff (employees) will occasionally reply in the forum, the community is made up of members helping members…we are all customers here.

Here is a somewhat large document that will take you through the step-by-step instructions to get you up and running…if you have not yet seen it.

Activate My Phone

Please feel free to ask any and all questions you may have here, in this (your) thread. Lots of active members here at any given time.

Followed your link for chat, filled out the form and all it did was bring me back to here? Unless I want to “opt out”. Do I?

As this question gets moved down the list how can I find it?

Where is the Google settings app?

Thanks again.

Hate to be a pain, but what is a KitKat, Marshmellow, etc.? Republic should have all our information.

Thanks again. Todd

OK, off to a rocky start, but fear not, we can get you squared away!. A picture is worth a thousand words so…

(click to enlarge).

You want to click the Chat Now button on the Help page. (I have highlighted it in red).

I think I was confused in that I’m not sure if you are trying to Activate the new phone(s), or wanting to move your existing data from one phone to the other.

toddl.67uhcl wrote:

Hate to be a pain,

Not an issue.

but what is a KitKat, Marshmellow, etc.?

Those refer to the actual version of the Android Operating System, what the phone runs on. (think Windows '98, Vista, Win7, etc.)

Republic should have all our information.

I am sure they do, however, only RW employees can see your personal information.

Thanks again. Todd

Your most welcome. I am just trying to illicit specific information so we can better understand what it is you are wanting to do, and give accurate advice or guidance.

Trying to do both. Did what you suggested in the photo. All it did was send me an email with a link to here, the community. Unless I wanted to “opt out”. Do I want to opt out? I know this is easy for people that are into this. Computers I can handle as I build custom ones for myself every two years or so. Phones I know nothing, if you have not already figured that out.

I thank you so very much for your time and any input is much appreciated. Todd

Most importantly if we continue how do I find this conversation as it gets moved down, and eventually off the first page?


At the top of the community page there is a “bell” symbol, that is actually your community Inbox. All replies to this thread will show you have a new response and clicking on it will bring you to the new reply.

(click to enlarge)

I am still unclear as to wether-or-not your phone is activated and you are trying to just migrate data to it, or you are trying to activate the phone on RW’s service?.

Never mind, I see you answered that previously.

I see it. Thanks. I am going to need to continue this probably tomorrow. My wife gets up at 3:30 am pacific time, and will need to take her old phone to work. Do I continue with you? It’s been so long, it looks like the new phone has exited out of set up mode, and will need to start again. If I cannot get figured out by then, do I respond to you?

Your assistance is really much appreciated.

Taking a look at the new phone again, it states to go to settings, scroll down to “personal” but it is not there.

Just continue in this thread. There are many, many members that are very active in the community at all hours and eager to help other customers resolve issues or respond to questions…(I’m kind of surprised no one else has jumped in ).

I realize this may all seem a little confusing at first, but once you are accustomed to the way it works, you may find it quite efficient.

I have activated, deactivated, reactivated many RW phones, not sure what you are looking at. Usually, the phone itself will walk you through the activation process and if you happen to have the Activate My Phone document open on a PC with screenshots and the like, it should go smoothly.

Regardless, if activation is not crucial this evening, maybe a fresh look with rested eyes will prove beneficial.

Perhaps so. Have the RW activation list. It leaves gaps, questions, for one that is not accustomed to doing this. When the list, or new phone, asks to find something to click, and it is not there on old phone, I do not know where to find. The new phone is asking in the settings for “personal”. In settings there is no personal in the old phone where the new phone, or Activate, states where it should be. We have been here from near the beginning, so in this case from a DEFY? To 4th generation.

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