Starting to get angry about an order delay

Look, everyone gets a bit touchy now and again. LOng story short, was supposed to get phone, didn’t, they admit mess up, told me next day air, didnt’ get it. now MIGHT get it over a week later… The end…still waiting… :frowning:

Where did you order it from?

Republic has indeed had significant delays to shipping because of the enormous volume of orders received over the holiday weekend. Republic uses a 3rd party logistics partner to fulfill orders (as most companies do) and my understanding is that they still haven’t caught up but that they’re doing their best to do so. Certainly not an excuse for what you’ve experienced, but just wanted to let you know that the Republic staff I’ve spoken to understands the situation and is doing what they can to make things right for the customers that were/are impacted.


I’ve been with republic since, o geez. A bit of background, I have a Moto E with the old refund plan. So in other words I spend less then $13 or $14 dollars a month MAX. Just ordered a new G6 on Sunday. Was supposed to ship on Monday with ordered 2 day air. Didn’t happen. Let them know, found out there was a malfunction and they “upgraded” me to next day so was supposed to receive the new phone thursday or friday. As you can guess, I mAY or may not get it by Monday… SO NOT Next Day AIr…

Anyway, I do NOT have a problem with them. Just there shipping dudes… Anyway, I just needed to vent… I’m done now :slight_smile:

Hi @markg.fknbyu!

Thanks for the reply! I totally understand. We all need to vent every once and a while :wink: . You have definitely been with Republic for a while! That being said, this is not the experience Republic wants its customers to have. As @louisdi stated, there is apparently a big backlog of orders. Let me see if I can ping someone to look into your situation.

I have been assured that Republic’s agents are working on situations like yours.

Thank you so much. It’s all good :stuck_out_tongue: It’s just been “One of those Days”.


Same here! Rough Friday. A lot of work to do over the weekend and too much stuff going on :confused: .

I’ll join the parade. Came out of a meeting yesterday to find that while I was inside someone had smashed in to my car causing nearly $7k in damage. Oh, and they drove away (Given the damage on my car, I’m amazed they were even able to drive away. They did leave a short trail of parts.) and the business has no outdoor cameras. Sigh.

OT: but when that happens to me, and it has happened more than once.
people would say to me, “well you should not been parked there”

legally parked but it’s my fault for being parked there…

Wow. That really sucks. Someone stole my credit card info earlier this week and charged $143 or so on it, but that’s chump change compared to $7k (and plus I shouldn’t have to pay the amount anyway)!

Ive been driven crazy this last week setting up my new Pixel 3.
Had so many issues with Bluetooth and audio…
Thought it had to due with my cars head unit, then my Pebble watch, than any BT device would cause the phone to go nuts with connection issues.
Then things just magically started working correctly.
And the phone still doesn’t detect my USB headphone DAC correctly, so that means I need to keep my old OG Pixel XL around for my dedicated music sessions.

I pay $1K for this “Upgrade” that was supposed to be exciting and positive experience…but not so much it seems. (I only Paid $350 for my OG Pixel XL last year)


Thanks for bringing your question to our Member Community. I’m very sorry you’ve been impacted by our fulfillment delay. It is a rather serious matter we’re facing.

Have you received your tracking number yet? I can send it to you (though probably tomorrow, since I won’t be online much later tonight) if you haven’t.

Looks like we’re in the same boat. I ordered a new phone as an upgrade from an old Moto G 1st gen (on the refund plan as well). I chose overnight delivery. When I finally received my phone, days after originally intended IT WON’T WORK!

I opened a ticket. They didn’t bother with trying any fixes, they just said they’d overnight a new SIM. That was Thursday. Guess what? The darn thing still hasn’t shipped!

I am trying very hard to be patient. I’m not sure if Republic Wireless is falling on it’s face or that I’ve become so used to instant gratification that I’m becoming a b*tch.

are you an Amazon prime member?
that will do it every time… :slight_smile:

Haha no. It’s funny though, anytime our home internet drops a little in speed, my teens LOOSE IT. They have no idea what dial up was like. I’ve created monsters.

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Hi @amandah.s67way,

From your post in After almost 5 years of bliss, RW has managed to make me extremely unhappy!, it looks like your phone is now working, yes?

I apologize that you were impacted in this way. It is a very unusual issue affecting our fulfillment center, and we are trying to resolve all the resulting issues as quickly as possible.

Well, 1st world problems…
right now I am reading and typing this on an Apple iBook G4, circa 2005
but then I was always on he bleeding edge of technology

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Wow, Now i feel Like i’m about to go “off topic” on my own thread. I’m so sorry that everyone else has major problems that makes me feel like My problem was so trivial.

Anyway, just an update to my own thread; I should receive my g6 by Tomorrow (Monday) evening. Republic was so awesome that they originally upgraded me to next day with an additional $15. Then when UPS messed up or whatever they refunded an additional $15. So that’s $30 bucks and I SO appreciate that.

Again, I just sorta needed to “Vent” a bit and I feel bad especially for “Louisdi” for that 7k in damage to his car. I so hope that insurance will cover that and you try to have a happy and Merry Christmas to you.

Anyway, Kind Regards to all in this thread and do try to have a Merry Christmas…

All my best,

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