Starting to get angry about an order delay


Glad Republic got you taken care of! The shipping companies seem to really be dropping the ball this year. Three packages I have been expecting have missed the delivery dates. This is, of course, the busiest time of the year for them, but I have never experienced this many packages missing the ETA.


Yup, I just have to cover my deductible. Just one bad day, nothing more than that. Merry Christmas to you as well!


Hi Guys,

Just wanna give you another update since i just got off work and checked my delivery. Yeah, not gonna happen today.


The above says 3:45 to 7:45 today delivery. The problem lies in that i live in New York and the package as of 2:43 this afternoon was and still is in Maryland around 300 miles away. Pretty sure i won’t get it today unless Captain Kirk can just Beam it on over :stuck_out_tongue:


One other thing to note is, unless they actually Stick the package out the window on the drive up from Tennessee to New York to catch some “Air” this is not exactly 2nd day “air”. :wink:. 11/28 to 12/4 is not entirely 2nd day… Just my thinking…


I would not trust delivery carriers tracking system or website.
This time of year they are alway very slow to update due to the holiday load.
Happens every year.
The last few UPS deliveries i got, the tracking system and alert texts did not update or appear until several hours after delivery. The tracking also had not even updated to say it had arrived at my local hub and was even out for delivery yet.
I still have a 2 day Priority USPS box that says its In Transit to my state, yet it was delivered and scanned by my mail carrier as delivered right in front of me this past Saturday.


Seems like the package networks are already overloaded. I ordered a gift for my son from Newegg last Monday, with 2-day shipping. It left Newegg on Monday, on Wednesday, when it should have been delivered FedEx showed it sitting in Kentucky (I’m in DC). On Thursday, it arrived at my local hub and sat there. On Friday it was “On truck for delivery.” but suddenly at about 7p the delivery was “rescheduled” for Saturday. On Saturday it was on truck for delivery and then around 7p was “business closed, redelivery next business day.” The issue of course being that the delivery was scheduled to be to my home, and at least one person was home every minute of the day, no delivery had been attempted. Today, the delivery was finally made at about 7:30p. So, my 2-day shipping took 7. Thank you FedEx.


I would guess that with the increased reliance on online shopping and the Holiday shopping, the delivery industry is nearly maxed out.
A couple days ago our FedEx Gal showed up about 30 hours after we were notified the package was delivered, she nearly broke down while apologizing … “I guess it was on the truck all the time, I don’t know how I missed it” … then went on to explain “I am now working 15 hour days … and it’s ruff”
I just sheepishly thanked her, and didn’t have the heart to tell her it was just a normal shipment of doggy treats from Walmart :blush:


Hey Everyone, I just wanted to update you all to let you know that I Finally received my phone last night(Tuesday the 4th), when ordered on Sunday the 25th with 2nd day Air. Again, the only “Air” was when Mr. UPS guy stuck it out da window :stuck_out_tongue:.

Anyhoo, I hope everyone enjoy’s there Christmas…

Kind Regards and God Bless,


Third party logistics like Affirm who they were told to dump ages ago who still turns down people with good credit… You can’t always defend poor management decisions.