Static during calls

The past week or so I have been hearing a lot of what I would say is like static disruption during phone conversations. The speaker works fine for playing music, podcasts, and such. The people on the other end of the conversations can hear me just fine. I have a motoz2play. Wondering if anyone else is having any problems and what it might be.

  • Are the calls over Cell, WiFi or both?
  • Does who originates the call change the the presence of ‘static’?

Good questions. Definitely a problem over WiFi. I have not had connectivity problems. Definitely on outgoing calls. Will have to make some cell calls and take some incoming calls to get you more info so you can help. Thank you.

  • You might try starting the call on WiFi, then do a manual handover to Cell. This would require going into the RW App / :settingsicon: Settings / Advanced settings/ Allow manual handover (if you haven’t done this before)
    • If the static goes away, we would then look closer at your WiFi
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This is going to take some investigating since it is spotty and doesn’t happen on every call. Will have to get a couple friends to play around with me. Thanks for the suggestion about the wifi to cell handover. I think it’s enabled, but I’ll double check. Btw, I don’t know if this is related, but my phone decided to reboot itself while I was using Google maps in the car. Never did this before.

Reboot is its normal recovery from an app failure if it can’t shut the app down.

  • I would check out Clear Cache for your particular phone, and clear out the cache for Google Maps

Wanted to thank you again for your help. The problem seems to have cleared on its own, at least for the time being. Haven’t noticed anything unusual for a while. I appreciate knowing about rebooting. I always cringe for a moment when this happens, afraid I will “lose” something important. I remember reading something that said it is actually good to reboot your phone once in a while.

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