Static Hiss when calling or receiving


Hello, I purchased a Moto g5 with a $20 a month plan. Constantly, I got a static hiss on the line when calling or receiving a call. Nothing could be done to rectify the issue. Does anyone have a fix for this problem. Eventually, I had to return the phone because the “call quality” was so poor.


The problem you describe is not characteristic of this or any other model RW sells. There are lots of things one can try (Safe Mode, Factory Reset, etc.) but since you have returned it further troubleshooting isn’t possible.


Thanks, for the rejoinder. Atypical problems are sometimes difficult to
resolve. I was thinking of coming aboard for a different model - hoping to
avoid future such issues.

Regards, K


I have a Moto G5 plus and have not experienced the issues that you described on your phone.

If you experienced these issues on WiFi, you may want to review this


If you try a different model and have the same problem the cause would most likely be environmental.

Common environment problems include interference with a neighbor’s router (WiFi calls) and a weak cell signal (cell calls).

Please come back and let us know how this turns out for you.


Great, thanks, currently looking for a different model.


I am having this same issue, I just got a Moto G 5 Plus and there is a background hiss and static when others speak. I am bummed can this be improved or am I stuck with this annoyance? How can it be fixed?


Hello Martina,

I’m sorry, to hear of your issue. Indeed, it is the same problem I had
with the same phone. Unfortunately, there is no remedy. Someone, my try
to tell you it is an environmental dilemma. However, there was nothing I
could do in the way of a positive intervention that brought resolution.
The problem prevailed where ever I used my phone. I had to return it for a
refund - I had no other choice.


Hi @martina,

Please open a support ticket so our technicians can troubleshoot with you. Perhaps it’s an app conflict, or it could be an issue covered under warranty.


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