Steps to transfer # to new phone, get new # for old phone


I want to do the following, can someone confirm that I am thinking of this the right way? I am a current Republic Wireless subscriber.

  1. Buy a new phone, transferring my existing number
  2. Put new service on the old phone for my son to use

I believe I execute the following steps (seems obvious, but do things ever go that way???)

  1. Purchase new phone, activate once I receive it using the option to move my existing number there
  2. Wait for that to fully complete
  3. Order new service for the old phone (Moto X gen 2), requesting a new number

Did I get that right?


Mostly correct

  1. buy the new phone (if from Republic it will come with the SIM if BYOD you’ll need a SIM)
    2)when you get the new phone activate it as a replacement to your line though the Republic app on the phone (this deactivates the old phone)
  2. reactivated the old phone as a new line (a new number will be assigned here)
    Activate | Republic Wireless


Depending on how the old phone will be used, you might want to factory reset it
to start with a clean slate before you reactivate it

Also, this document has some useful info on activation

The Moto X2 worked on Sprint ( RW’s CDMA partner)…the new phone will work on CDMA
or GSM. RW’s coverage checker makes this choice for you if you buy the phone from RW.
See here for some additional insight.


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