Still having issues - can't call, text, no voicemail


i still dont have wireless service,voicemail or messaging on my phone. Tried to open another ticketbut it says services are having problem.

Republic Wireless 11/29/18 outage update

Hi @johnd.2ettf2,

I’ve moved your post to our problem-solving category so the Community can troubleshoot with you about the issues you are having.

Can you tell us what phone you have and whether this is a new activation or a formerly-working phone that suddenly stopped working?

Meanwhile, I’ll go clear up the issue that is preventing you from opening a ticket, and let you know when that is done.



Please take a look at this article and see if it applies:



I’ve found multiple open tickets from you, which I have merged into a single one so that our agents can efficiently work on getting you the help you need. Pleas let us know if the help article I replied with a few minutes ago solves the issue.


Ok spoke to someone they are sending me a new simcard


Did you check that article Southpaw mentioned because if the issue is what we suspect, you can fix the issue a lot more quickly than waiting for a SIM which in fact, won’t fix the issue, if that’s it.


sorry didn’t see article you are mentioning. Basically it appears to be on Republic side since we tried to refresh connection and it would not connect.


Can you please check one more thing? Please go to Settings – About Phone and tell us what it says there fore Software Build or Build Number?



That’s not what I’m looking for. In the Phone Settings, Not Republic Settings… You’re looking for the build of Android that’s running on the phone.




Not the version, the build. It should be under Settings – About Phone – Software Build or Build Number




Thanks. That confirms that your phone is indeed up-to-date and that the software build isn’t the issue.


Ok…Doesn’t seem to help get it working. Very frustrated,over weekend had no wifi or phone service.


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