Still no small phones?

Still no small phones? How about the Punkt mp02?


Republic’s unique hybrid service requires the Android operating system.
Pretty much all of those “small phones” do not use Android, or if they do, it is a custom, stripped down and locked down version.

If you want to use such small and unique devices, or a “dumb phone” I would suggest you look at other providers.

Thanks. Good to know. I’m paying $13/mo. or so with Republic, so I won’t be too quick to move.

I wouldn’t rush out and buy an off brand phone to use with another carrier. I’ve had some of the low priced, built with spare parts, frankenphones. Quality and performance has been universally awful. The one you mention is really expensive, and the PCMag review isn’t encouraging.

The manufacturers don’t see a market for small phones, and doesn’t consider us important customers. The small phone market is essentially dead.

From my perspective, that’s a mistake. I don’t want a large phone, and I can’t seem to find a new phone which fits nicely in my pocket. I shop for a new phone every couple of years, and each time it seems that the smallest phones are about a half-inch larger then my current phone.

This post said it best: “Small phones are dead (according to the phone manufacturers).”

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The manufactures now are hot to make foldable phones now…and charge about $2K for them.

The tiny Palm phone is now made factory unlocked.
Pricy though at $350.
It is quite small in size…perhaps too small?

Would be cool for RW to support this phone.
It runs a slim version of Android, so not sure if, technically speaking, RW can even have a chance of supporting it.

That article is absurd. The author really thinks a $350 phone really fits the bill for: “If you’re looking for a phone that you don’t mind too much getting damaged or lost”?

At $350 this seems like a toy for people with too much money. It’s not really functional, has terrible battery life and a terrible camera.

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I’ve been looking into the Palm, and the Punkt mp02 phone. I find I can’t help myself looking at web-based “news” when I’d really be better off being “in the
present.” I don’t take pictures. I don’t take videos. I rarely call or get called. I just wanna be able to text and not get distracted by the other junk.

You should like the perfect candidate for a flip phone on a pre-paid carrier, sounds like that would deliver everything you need.

We’re all slaves to something . . . . I’d prefer it not be a “smart”phone

Yes, that’s what I was trying to say.

Alcatel Go Flip phone. Not compatible with Republic, but compatible with many other providers.

The Palm Phone is now available unlocked for GSM carriers, so I have to ask: will we be seeing it on Republic? A lot of longtime Republic customers have had a thing for minimalist phones, and this definitely fits the bill.

No one knows what phones Republic might be considering. But, given the extreme niche nature of the Palm phone, I think it would be a really really long shot for it to come to Republic.

I mean, the Defy XT was the very definition of “extreme niche,” and it used to be all we offered. It’s nice to throw a bone to the niche crowds every now and then. :slight_smile:

Ah back in the days of Android 2, Android itself was niche. The world has changed. Samsung dominates the Android market selling nearly half (47%) of all Android phones sold in the US. With Motorola selling about 13% of the market. So, with those two brands Republic is covering the majority of the market. If they wanted to add another brand, it would make sense to add more LG models, that sell in numbers bigger than Moto, rather than sell something that less than 1% of consumers will even consider.

I wish this wasn’t so expensive. It seems like it would be good for my young teen who should not have a traditional smart phone. (I’d like him to be able to text and talk and listen to music.)

Here’s Republic’s answer to that, although it’s very different than a phone:

Another perfect flip phone candidate.

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