Still on Plan 1.0 $5 Plan; Can I still switch between $5 and $10 plan?


March 2018, Still on Plan 1.0 $5 Plan; Can I still switch ‘freely (once a month)’ between $5 and $10 plan?


You can indeed. You still have access to the two plan changes per month on the 1.0 plans.


Great! Thank you.
How do I change to the $10 plan. (Haven’t tried to do that in years.)
Is that done from the phone RW app, or on the PC login?
I looked at both entry ways and do not quite see what I want to do.

I only see options to:
o Transfer my number.
o Change my number.
o Assign this phone.
o View my calls and messages.
o Manage E911.
o Cancel Service.


all plan changes are done though the Republic app on the Phone

edit for this step by step link for 1.0 plan changes


Thank you DRM186, I do not see any difference under “I Want To …” options from the list I noted above.

Maybe I need to put in a Help Ticket request?


No Help Ticket is required. You’re in the wrong place though it’s quite logical one would look there. When you open the Republic app on your phone, swipe until your see the Your Phone Info screen. On that screen, you should see a white plus sign in a green circle. Tap that to see your plan change options.


I just add a second link for step by step in my post above


Wonderful. Thank you very very much.
Found it.
See it.
Doing it.
Restarting phone, per instructions.
It is activated to $10 plan.


Excellent help. I found it, made change options, and successfully switched to $10 plan.

Thank you very very much.

* Kudo & Win! *

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