STIR/SHAKEN - When will RW Implement?

Hello folks!

Does anyone know when Republic Wireless will implement the spam reduction technology called “STIR/SHAKEN”? Here is some information about it: Combating Spoofed Robocalls with Caller ID Authentication | Federal Communications Commission

Are there any other spam call reduction techniques in the pipeline from Republic Wireless?

I receive anywhere from 5 to 15 spam robo calls from India\Pakistan each day. It is to the point that I am considering moving to another carrier if they have ways to reduce the spam calls.

I already have my RW app setup to forward spam callers directly to voicemail. I have to allow calls from neighbor numbers because my kids school is in the same exchange and doesn’t always call from a known number. Blocking the numbers doesn’t do anything because the calls come from a different number every time.

It’s absolute madness.

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The FCC has adopted rules requiring service providers to deploy a STIR/SHAKEN solution by June 30, 2021.

Yes, but small providers don’t have to until June 30th, 2023.

I’m hoping someone has some inside information on if or when RW will implement it or some other kind of relief for spam calls.

Republic won’t. That would be the realm of their underlying carrier,

That said I have phones on AT&T and T-Mobile directly, both of whom have implemented it and at this time is does NOTHING to stop spam. First, until everyone has it, carriers can’t just block unauthenticated calls because they would be failing to deliver many legitimate calls. Second, authenticating a call doesn’t prevent spam as long as the carrier passing the calling is willing to allow spammers on their network.

That said, Republic’s underlying carrier IS implementing it and in fact has it implemented in many of its interconnects: STIR/SHAKEN: Everything You Need to Know - Bandwidth


louisdi, thanks for the information. I had no idea about the underlying carrier that RW uses.

Hi @Scottathew,

In addition to the great info @Louisdi has already provided, I’m wondering if you’re using any of the spam-blocking features currently in our app? How to Block Robocalls/Spam Calls & Voicemails Using the Republic Wireless App – Republic Help

Do these calls show up in your call history in the Account Portal? (Note: I’m not asking about the call history on the phone.) How to View Call Records and Message History – Republic Help

If not, it’s very likely these calls are being directed to the cellular routing number that is devoted to your phone, not your actual phone number. If that’s the case, we can change the cellular routing number in the hopes of getting you one that’s quieter.

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For the most part, I personally try not to answer an unknown call. I let it go to voicemail, and in my voicemail I encourage people to text me because I typically respond faster to text messages than to voicemails. I figure if someone texts me and/or leaves me a voicemail, they’re less likely to be a spammer.

A few years ago, I used to answer almost every call I got. If I got an unknown call, I would ask, “Are you trying to sell me something?” I liked that strategy because if a person said no, but then started trying to sell me something, I could ask, “Are you lying?” I never had to ask the second question.

One day, however, I got a pretty bad spam call in which a person cursed me out. I hung up the voice and he left me voicemails cursing me out. It was at that time I was very open to just letting unknown phone calls go to my voicemail for the most part.

It has been a much more satisfying experience for me.

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Southpaw, thanks so much for the response!

I already use some of the Republic Wireless app features. I did turn on neighbor number blocking today (I had concerns about school numbers, but school is out now).

I had 8 spam calls today. All eight calls show up in the Call History on the website. I’ll check to see what the comparison is tomorrow as well.

Thanks for the tips.

Yeah, I’ve been trending that way myself as well. I answer fewer and fewer calls. Unfortunately once every two months I’m oncall and I have to answer every single phone call I get. But I’m at the point now where between those periods I’m going to stop answering numbers that are not in my contacts.

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I’m sorry about that. :frowning:

That will help a whole lot!

For fun, you might like this CNBC video: Why Spam Calls Are At An All-Time High. I believe this is a video I watched maybe a year or so ago. It just gives perspective on how various carriers having been trying to fight spam calls.

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I turned on the neighbor-number blocking. That seems to have caught one of the spam calls yesterday and the other features seems to have blocked the rest (a handful of spam calls that were in the RW website log, but didn’t go to my phone). On 6/22 my phone did not ring for any spam calls.

Hopefully this holds!


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