Stolen Phone Can I get SIM card and use old phone and the number from stolen phone

My phone was stolen, I cancelled service on that phone (I have two others on the same plan) I have an older Moto 4g play that appears to be supported with sim card kit, will I be able to get the kit and use the previous phone number from the stolen phone?

Only if the number is still available … on cancel they go into a re-use pool, so the info here will let you know what you need to try to save the number Can Republic Wireless Restore My Previous Number? – Republic Help

Hi @leonw.bar24h,

For yours and other’s future reference it best not to cancel your service if a phone is lost or stolen. A phone can be disabled in the find my phone area on the Google site. I always try to keep a spare Legacy phone and/or RW SIM available for when a phone goes missing to minimize the time a number may be out of service. I’ve helped out my loss prone neighbor on two or three occasions.



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