Stolen Phone Can't Access Voicemail


I already blocked it and was unable to find it beforehand, via device manager.

I want to change the greeting on my voicemail, but I am unable to access it. I dial my number and
I press * when the message starts, but I don’t hear a prompt, just the type of tone you hear before you leave a message.


Thank you.

Can’t Access Voicemail

having linked all that, just to make sure, I tried it

called the number
when greeting starts to play press *
enter your password followed by the #
then there will be prompts 1, 2, 3
pick and follow the instructions it gives…


followup, you have to hit the * as it playing the outgoing message… and there should be one.
the default or one you put on there…



The problem is that when I press the * key, it doesn’t get me into the
account. I just hear a “beep.”


If you haven’t set a password there isn’t one (no default) and you can’t get in to VM remotely.


I would hope there was a pin so they could get in. but yes no pin no remote access


I do have a pin.


Hello. I asked a question a couple of days ago, but people who answered, didn’t understand my question. My phone was stolen. I have attempted to reach my voicemail from another phone. Here’s what happens.

  1. I call my phone number
  2. When my outgoing greeting starts I press the * key.
  3. Instead of getting a prompt I hear the beep to leave a message

Isn’t there another general number to call voicemail?
Why do you think this is happening?


I’ve only seen this happen when you don’t have a PIN set for the Voicemail. If that’s the case, there’s no other way in.


I have a pin set.


ok what you can do is, if your willing
do this by DM, so your personal info is not listed in the form
ask @southpaw who works for RW,
to call your number and test it by entering the *
you say you have a pin, she will need it… and will be able to see if she get the same beep as you do or it ask her to enter your pin followed by the pound sign… #
don’t post any personal info. here it is open to all to read…

southpaw has done stuff like this,

but if you don’t want to go the RW route is there someone you trust to call and do it with you sitting there with them… using their phone and not the one your using…

haven’t gone that route yet…
and you can always change the pin after…


Sorry about your lost phone.

One alternative option is to login to the online My Account portal and under
Phones -> I want to -> View Calls and Messages

You can see the numbers that have tried to call/text you…and then you can
try to reach out to them by alternative means.


Hi @jamied.gygmwp,

I’ve just tested this a bit myself.

What you’re describing will also happen when there is no voicemail to listen to. I’m afraid there’s not a “no messages” response, so it is rather confusing.

(p.s. I’ve merged your new question into the old one.)


I already tried from a different phone. I will get in touch with @southpaw. Do I need to open a ticket?


Hi @jamied.gygmwp,

You do not need to open a ticket to get in touch with me. Even though you are seeing replies and responding by E-mail, this conversation is taking place in our Member Community where you posted your question.

Did you see my response about this being the expected behavior when there is no voicemail?


I missed your response.


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