Stolen phone, transfer number

What phone do you have? moto g 1st gen

What plan are you on? WIFI Cell talk text

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? talk and text

Issue Description

On June 6 my wife’s phone was stolen. i’d like to inactivate that phone and transfer her phone number to a phone that she previously used until she gets a new one. Please help me with how I can do that. Thank you.

How you would re-activate the old phone would depend on what phone it is. See supported phones
If its an old Legacy 2.0 Refund plan phone(Moto X 1 or 2, or G1 or 2), then u just activate it as a replacement device through the R.W app on the phone.

If the old phone is the Defy XT, it can not be reactivated.

If the replacement phone is a 3.0 phone, unlocked device, then you would need to order a new sim card(since it probably has been inactive for more then 20 days)once u get the new SIM, install it and activate the as replacement device in the app.

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