Stop Google news feeds

Google keeps sending search results for news feeds that are extremely annoying how do I stop them?

I don’t know which phone you have. On mine (Google Pixel), you can shut off Google notifications at Settings > Apps & notifications > Google > Notifications.

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Moto X1 and I already did that. No effect.

There are several apps that can send notifications in the Google family. You can usually tell which app from the icon next to the notification. On my Moto X, you can disable them under Settings > Sound & notification > App notifications. The Google notifications I frequently receive come from Google, Google News, Maps, and Google Now Launcher. You can also disable Google notifications by opening the Google app, selecting More in the lower right corner, selecting Notifications, and toggling Notifications off

I realized that Google had multiple paths to invade. I’ll hit all those and anything else that states with G. Is there a master G killer setting?

Yes…an iPhone. (hee hee!)


Not that I’m aware of. There are a couple additional places to turn off Google notifications:

Chrome -

Google News -

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