Stop pop up adds on my Moto X4

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Stop pop up adds on my Moto X4

Yes, that is what I would like to know. How do I stop the pop up adds on my Moto X4? Is it the message app or something else?

My mother is a magnet for those. I would clear your browser data (in Chrome, or whatever you use), and check any recent apps (the free ones tend to have the ads) you may have downloaded recently. Hers was a free flashlight app she downloaded. I doubt it’s your messaging app (if it’s something from Google, or a hugely popular one).


Unless you have the Amazon exclusive phone that will have ads built in…ads come from the apps you install on your phone. Its best idea to only use open source, ad free apps, or buy the Premium or Pro Ad free version of the app.

If you are having ads and pop ups while you use the web browser app, switch to Opera as it has a built in ad blocker and pop up blocker you can enable.

Amazon doesn’t do the lock screen ads on the Prime exclusive phones anymore, and removed them from the ones that had them.


That was just lock screen ads they removed. There are still Amazon bundled in apps that trigger pop up ads when you use the phone. The listing for Prime Exclusive phones list what Amazon apps they include. Bloatware to most.


Ah. I guess I just don’t open those on mine.

I have an Amazon Prime Alcatel A30 in my household activated with Republic. I’ve yet to have an app bundled on the phone by Amazon display an ad.


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