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Over a month ago, I created a help ticket that was resolved in a day. I must have clicked on some notification button since I have been receiving frequent no-reply updates from Republic since. How do I turn off the notifications?

To stop marketing and other promotional emails from RW

Go to Account - > Account Settings -> Privacy Settings
and uncheck the box at the bottom that says
“I approve Republic Wireless’s use of my CPNI for marketing purposes”

To stop emails that might be coming from these member forums
Click on your user icon at the top right - > :settingsicon:
Click on Email in the list of menus on the left

and then adjust the preferences of emails you would get from the forums.

Hi @chrisp,

Are these notifications in the app, or E-mail messages that you’re hoping to stop?

Emails. I haven’t had any in 2 days but they occur on Sundays most frequently.

I see from your conversation with one of our Experts, that the E-mails you are receiving are specifically, “Cellular partner maintenance updates.” That would make sense with your receiving them on Sundays, as there is a regularly scheduled maintenance event on Sundays.

I’ll close the ticket you requested, but I think what you’re seeing is related to subscribing to our status page, not from the ticket itself.

I found this in the statuspage help documents:

Unsubscribing from Email notifications

End-users can unsubscribe from Email notifications by clicking Unsubscribe on the email (this is only for pages that do not have Component Subscriptions enabled). For pages that do have Component Subscriptions enabled, the subscriber needs to click the ‘Manage Subscriptions’ link in an email notification and then fully opt-out of all component subscriptions on the following screen.

Hi @chrisp, me again!

We were able to unsubscribe you from statuspage updates from the admin interface. Please let me know if this Sunday’s outage results in another E-mail.

For others who consider signing up, note that the subscription confirmation E-mail includes an “unsubscribe” link. If the individual E-mails do not, then it may be worth hanging on to your subscription confirmation just in case you change your mind later.

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Thanks. No more status updates.


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