Stop robo calls

Is there any way to block all these ROBO calls, They just keep changing their numbers.

they are hard to block when they keep changing numbers
best advice

good current discussion here


Hopefully its gets better (Top Health) Keeps calling me via different numbers ever 5-8 mins… Grrrr And I have the Spam Blocking and enabled No VM from spammers…

Hi @jasonk.h0bd3m,

Please open a ticket and let our Help Team know you are getting spam calls every few minutes.

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Wasn’t sure where to mention this, there are quite a few older and newer threads on this topic…

Wanted to share that I have been trying out a lower cost alternative service for my mother to use, Tello, and Qlink Wireless (Assurance Program).

Terrible amount of spam/robo calls from the second the phone became active. Tello phone has automated public school system calls multiple a day about some student absent and also the typical, you won free timeshare, calls. There was 12 VM that came up as soon as the phone activated. (i guess the number was recycled pretty quickly) I tried calling the school, giving them the number, and the name of the student the message kept saying, but they refused/could not do anything due to security/privacy concerns they claim)

The other (Qlink) has non stop Visa card alert message that a $82 charge was made by Amazon and I must call (number that is not to Amazon) to verify details. Each time, the caller id is of a local number, but the number the VM system says called is not the same and is out of state. So it is impossible to just block the number locally on the phone itself.
Qlink does not allow to change ones number it seems. Nor do they support porting in a “landline” number…so, that means can’t move her RW number there anyway…

Neither of these companies have any sort of spam blocking in place on their end.
Neither company has responded to Contact Requests or help tickets in over 2 weeks.

Both numbers are listed as on the Do Not Call list since 2001 and 2008 the verified said.

Not sure as to what or how many spam things the RW Spam filtering blocks, I really would like to be able to see a log of that, but it does seem to help greatly reduce things.

And can’t beat RW when it comes to online customer service and the ability to contact someone for assistance. But i do wish there was a lower cost option available for bare minimal cell data users on the modern phones.

This is an important thread (and I’m sure Republic realizes this). The cellphone industry and this means everyone from hardware providers , to “networkless” networks, to carriers…anyone, is living on borrowed time before the Fed’s jump in and start lumbering around.

Yes it’s hard, yes it’s going to be tough to control. By the way, have you ever noticed how SPAM-FREE Gmail is?

With enough work, the industry can and will put the Nigerians out of work. G O D help us all if they wait till the Feds wade in…which they willl

Tick tock tick tock…

It’s effectiveness remains to be seen, however, the Feds are already in:

Well. the Feds can do what they can or want…but that won’t stop people in other countries with easy to use software and automated systems from still doing things as they do not have to follow any USA laws. It is very easy from any point in the world, to rent a USA based cloud server and install whatever you want to do nefarious things such as USA based spam/robo calls.

The feds are aiming NOT at the callers, but the carriers…

Which…is good, but the carriers is not the source or the real issue.

If my smoke detector is going off cause there is a fire…and i just unplug it to stop the noise…doesn’t put out the fire that is the cause of the annoying alarm.

They Feds and powers that be should go after the scammers/spammers, and i have read they do sometimes. seen news articles of some folks getting busted for various things.
The FTC is actively governing some things, like the mess of COPA and all the YouTube changes…which content creators are taking issues with. So the gove powers pick and choose what they go after and work on.

Not sure I agree with the analogy.

The carriers /phone service providers facilitate the abuse by the robo-spammers. They provide the tool that people use to execute fraud. They also have the money , resources, and tech to stop if, should they become motivated. Going after the roaches who exploit the tool is an endless whack-a-mole exercise and won’t work.

Again, see the example of Google and Email spam. They have STOPPED it for all intents and purposes, on GMAIL. They did it because they can, AND because their customers demanded it.

Yahoo, Hotmail, etc, let Email spam though by the bucket full. They’re also the losers in the “who provides email and ad services” model. They did NOT provide it and well…sucks to be them!

Let one of the big cell providers/carriers/service marketers like ATT, Google FI, Republic, Verizon etc etc come up with a way of eliminating the Robocall problem and the market will reward them.

If they don’t, the elephant in the china shop (Feds) will provide the motivation.

It’s just a question of “when”.

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