Stopping Coverage

I need to stop my plan in order to get better coverage where I have moved. Do I need to wait until my billing cycle is up or does republic prorate. Also can my husband keep his plan with republic since he only uses wifi

Hi @janej.xcdx93,

Like most prepaid service providers, Republic does not issue prorated refunds for unused service when service is cancelled during a billing cycle.

Regarding the coverage situation, you may or may not be aware Republic offers more than one coverage option for some of its phones. To determine whether Republic might have a workable coverage option for you, as a starting point, might we know the brand, model and generation of your phone? If comfortable sharing, might we also trouble you for a zip code (nothing more)?

If your mind is already made up about using a service provider other than Republic, we’ll respect that. That said, would you want to move your phone number to another service provider? Or, do you wish to cancel service outright?

Finally, nothing you do with your phone would impact tour husband’s phone or Republic plan.


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