Stopping service

Do I need to have an advance notice for stopping service?

Will someone be able to reply while I’m online now?

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Help me find the “Steps to Cancel” please, and “money back guarantee” too.

The reference I provided, is the the Link … just Click on ‘How to Cancel Service’ above and you will see what you need to do
Hint: the links are usually in green, and you will see your mouse change from a pointer to a hand when you are over a selectable link

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If you would care to share the reasons you have decided to cancel your service, some of us in the community could help you realize the benefits of Republic Wireless?

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Hi @janetc.ub4nvs,

Were you able to get the information you needed from the link @jben provided?

No advance notice is needed for cancelling, but we’d love to know if there’s something we can do that might encourage you to change your mind.

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