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Still in my first month with Republic, but my level of satisfaction is dwindling. I ported 2 lines into Republic from a mainstream carrier and that process went fine. However, almost immediately upon porting one of my lines started receiving spam calls from insurance companies and credit companies. Once we figured out that it was because Republic uses a secondary/hidden number, we were a bit relieved. We thought at first that our number was being sold since these phone calls started right after we switched.

The solution was to ask Republic to switch my secondary number for that line. So we did that. And we did stop receiving those particular calls from those particular callers.

However, a day or two later we started receiving different calls from different solicitors because they were calling this new number.

Here’s the question:

Is this experience of receiving spammy calls to your secondary/hidden number typical of most users?? Is the common solution to keep requesting a new secondary number until you get the “magic” one??

We’re still in our first month, but this experience is what may drive us away to a different company. In my mind it’s worth paying a couple of bucks more to not be hassled all the time by these callers who are targeting a number you don’t have much control over.

tl;dr: ported old number, keep receiving spam calls to hidden number

Honestly, just sounds like bad luck. I’ve had a variety of Republic phones over the years, and at least 6 or 7 underlying numbers and only had one that had any such problem and it was one specific debtor who stopped calling after an explanation to them that they were reaching a cell phone that didn’t belong to the person that they were calling and that I would consider future calls a violation of both the FDCPA and the TCPA. I reminded them that the TCPA authorizes $1,500 PER CALL once they’ve been notified. The calls stopped.


A lot will depend on the market area you live in. I seem to live in the SPAM/SCAM capital of the world. Those calls where you get a human that answers, @louisdi suggestion should work. Remember to sign up your underlying number with the FTC, and file a complaint:

To identify underlying number, please see:

Because many of these calls are ROBO calls that originate offshore, they’re difficult to stop. Many new phones come with a built in call blocking feature. This is what I use.

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So it sounds like this is a good luck/bad luck kind of thing. That’s too bad. But again, this to me highlights a shortcoming of Republic Wireless. The onus is on me to try to get people to stop calling my number because my number is connected to this secondary number. If I leave Republic Wireless, this is going to be the reason.

I understand, usually after a period of time they do tapper off. Depending of who it is that is initiating these calls, I usually only get them during certain times of the year.

If it’s persistent you can request RW to change the underlying number:

SOLITION! I put my Google Contacts on my phone, and created a Contact named Spam. Choose to edit the contact named Spam and then from the three dots check mark All Calls To Voicemail. When you get one of those calls, find it in your call log and choose to Add to Contacts. Then scroll down to the contact named Spam & click it and that calling number will become one (of eventually hundreds) of numbers for Spam that will never ring your phone again, & seldom do such callers leave messages (maybe because my greeting says "you’ve reached ###-###-#### & they recognize that it’s not the number they were trying to reach). Enjoy!


I do something similar except I put a # character in front of Spam so that it shows at the top of the contact list. Even created my own contact image Unwanted to use instead of the generic S.


they need to figure out how to block spam or all calls on the secondary number


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