Storage full even with extra memory card

My phone says storage is 56% full, but 15.42 of that total is on internal shared storage with only has 16 gb. How can I get better use of my SD card with has more than 20 gb available on it still?

I am somewhat confused. First, you are stating that your phone says that your storage is 56% percent full, but the title of this thread your storage is full. Can you tell me what make, model and generation phone you have? Can you post a screenshot of the storage screen on the phone?

Sorry, overstating out of frustration. I keep getting the message that my memory is running out of space.

but I can’t seem to move anything else to the SD card even though there is plenty of space available.

I have a moto e5 play, ,8.0.0

Click on internal shared storage and then post that screenshot, please.

What apps or apps do you use for music? The reason i ask is that it appears you could move that data to your SD card.

spotify and google music

You might be able to free up 2.8 GB by moving your music to the SD card:

Information on storage for Spotify:

YouTube Music (formerly Google Play Music) is a bit more difficult:

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If your sd card was not formatted for internal use then apps can’t be installed on it. Moving apps to the SD Card (if its sufficiently fast enough) can make a big difference.

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