Storage issues on Moto E

I have the Moto E 2nd Gen, still works like a dream. If i took it out of the case it would look like brand new. I am starting to run up against my storage limit, causing issues with updates. I have hardly any extra apps on there, a few, but nothing compared to the amount of storage taken up by all the “support apps”.

I do not want to buy a new phone. what can be done?

I would suggest you go through Moto E: Make the most of your phone's available storage … this is by @carlh one of the long time contributors to the community and is one of the many articles in Tips & Tricks
If you are actually having the problem on a Moto G it will still apply

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does the Moto G have a micro SB? did not think it did.

if it does, please show me where, since i ma looking at it and do not see a slot for one.

The original Moto G does not have a micro SD card slot. You can use the “Remove Updates for Bundled Apps You’re Not Using” section of the article linked above to clear some space. You may also clear the app and system caches to clear up some space (although this may be a temporary fix):


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