Storage running out and it filling up by itself


@bobgod8, thank you for the storage loading info, otherwise, I would think my phone has storage defects. I did go through the apps and get rid of a lot of data.



@ calliet, this issue has bothered me for a few days. I set entire Sunday afternoon aside for me to tackle it using everyone’s suggestions.I checked every app carefully and was able to remove more than 4G data/cache and junk files, disable some apps I don’t use often, and finally got the phone working, except the storage loading issue which is a known issue for the phone. Thank you for your sharing your experience and suggestions.

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@donald2013, i ran into a similar issue. Got a message first about having very little space left.
In my case, i had an app (Open Signal network app) that i had left configured to write log files. The app does this to a special app folder.
Apparently i gave it enough time to use up ~16gb of storage.
I checked System storage and also used an app i had installed (CX File Explorer) was able to Analyze and drill down to the largest folder/item size.
The folder name was similar to the app name and was ~16gb. Anyway i uninstalled the app, then deleted the folder and all is well now.



I recently had the same problem on my Moto z play. I formatted the SD card as internal storage and the problem is solved. Make sure to fully backup your phone though as this process pretty much wipes it. I received a warning that my SD card would be slow, but ignored it. Seems to work fine. I don’t play games or anyting. Pretty basic usage. If you have high demands, I think you’ll need a high-speed SD card.


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