Storage space running out

Storage space running out MotoG

-deleted half my photos and all videos
-deleted half my apps
-and cleared data on the remaining apps I have

-cleared cached data

And now after all of this I have even less free space than before

*Where is the hidden trash can that keeps on growing?
And it won’t let me download any other apps, if … Keeps stating Storage space running out. Some one please please help!!! *

Go to Settings/Storage … let it sum up the used storage, once done calculating you can see which Category is high. Assuming it’s an App, Long press and look for the offending App. If it is the Republic App, you are way down level and need to update to the lates, anything else delete/etc the offender

I do not want to loose my photos or my messages. What should I do since it is saying I am running out of storage space?

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