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Will we still be able to get the $200 discount on the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge when the store comes back online?

Hi @kurtisk.blsg55,

No, that offer expired on 2/28/2017.

I understand it expired yesterday, but your site was and is still down and I could not purchase the phone.

Our store was offline yesterday between 1:20pm ET and about 5:30pm ET. The sale was from February 2 through 11:59pm yesterday.

Was that four hour period yesterday your only opportunity all month to make the purchase, and did you ask for help at that time?

We did not make any sort of announcement suggesting the sale would be extended due to the outage.

I did ask for help through the chat feature. I was told to try later. It was our anniversary and I was going to surprise my wife by showing her the sale. I do not have web access at work, so that was the only time I had yesterday. Yes, I did see the sale opportunity earlier and I knew when the last day of the sale was. Anyway, Thank you for responding.

Hi @kurtisk.blsg55,

Thanks for the extra details. I found your chat sessions. I’ll DM you to see if there’s anything I can do to help. Look for a reply in your Community inbox at for a reply from me in a few minutes.

Thank you. I am ready to buy if I can get the S7 edge for the $599. I wanted to buy from you so I had the same company for the phone and carrier.

Are you able to find and reply to my DM? I’d like to follow up there, if possible.

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