Stories Like This Are Why I Love Hockey!

And now in a pathetically transparent attempt to make this seem less off-topic; if one is both a hockey and technology fan (as I am) this app may be of interest:


As a high school hockey goalie (60 years ago) i was impressed by how well this fellow did. :grinning:


In the days of old one would pay for a ticket to watch a fight. Occasionally a hockey game would break out…:wink:

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So, you apparently missed last night’s Bruins-Lightning tilt where Bruins goalie Tuukka Rask channeled his inner Billy Smith earning a 4-minute double minor for roughing and David Pastrnak of all people recorded a Gordie Howe hat trick. Old-time hockey (a/k/a playoff hockey) is back.

Oh, and the Bruins took 1st place as well!


I still think the Foster story is unprecedented for the shear drama. He was the third string goalie that usually doesn’t even dress down. Reaching back and utilizing his skills as an accountant he kept his head and just played the game.

“By the numbers”…

My apologies. I just couldn’t resist.


Women’t hockey is better than men’t hockey for this very reason. For them it’s all about skating, puck handling and strategy.

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Here’s another story. Hey, @billg thanks to your fellow Minnesotans for this:


I just wish we could have treated them to some nice weather. Thanks for posting that.

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Thanks to the Carolina Hurricanes, this native Bostonian will be watching the Boston Bruins play for first place in the Atlantic division and the Eastern Conference tomorrow!

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