Storm outages No service throughout the night

So, I just had a hurricane that just went through here. Things are fine for the most part, but the problem I had was that I could not dial out or text because it was looking for Wi-Fi. When the power is out there is no Wi-Fi and all I had was calls over cell which wasn’t much. Either the person could not hear me or I could not hear the person. I had no access to voicemail or messages. In a time of storms like this, I may need another type of service, since I had to use someone else phone. It could not transitioned from wi-fi to cell smoothly or at all.

Hi @Slf-man,

I’m very happy to hear the recent passing of Hurricane Sally has left you relatively unscathed. For what it’s worth, I’m in southeast Florida, so I very much pay attention to storm tracks this time of year.

I’m sorry to hear of the difficulties you’ve encountered, however, it may have more to do with the network of Republic’s cellular partner your phone is provisioned for coverage with (and the storm’s impact on that network) than the phone looking for WiFi.

Theoretically, your phone should switch to cell automatically if WiFi is non-existent. This is how all smartphones work rather than something unique to Republic’s service. What happens if you turn WiFi off on the phone? Any improvement?

Would you be willing to share the brand, model and generation of your phone and a zip code (for the purpose at looking at cellular coverage in your area)?

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I have a Motorola Moto G Power 64gb storage. I have had problems with connectivity in this area before in the 32505 zip code

I did turn off wi-fi but still the same issue. No access to voicemail and messages.

Please allow me to provide some context regarding Republic’s coverage options for its newer phones, which includes your Moto G Power. Republic provisions cellular coverage with one of two network partners. One partner operates a GSM network and is T-Mobile. Republic’s other partner operates a CDMA network and is the now T-Mobile owned Sprint. Cellular coverage is provisioned with one network or the other not both simultaneously.

It may be a matter of storm impact to Republic’s cellular network partners. That said, to determine which of Republic’s cellular partners’ your phone is provisioned for coverage with, please see if you’re able to complete the steps outlined here:

Also, and please excuse the obvious question, but in addition to turning off WiFi did you try restarting the phone?

Out of curiosity, do you know the cellular network used by the phone you borrowed?

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I did restart the phone. So I am trying to see if it is CDMA or GSM but my network is going to be slower than normal. So it may time out or can’t be reached. I do know the options are 2g 3g LTE but no 4g

I’m also trying to get the full instructions on CDMA and GSM but I can’t see the rest of it

Hi @Slf-man,

These are in Android settings and should be left alone. Determining the SIM type requires using the Republic app. Since you’re having difficulty with the linked help article, please try as follows:

  1. Open the Republic App
  2. Tap the gear icon upper right
  3. Tap About
  4. Under the Phone Info section, your phone’s SIM type will be listed (GSM or CDMA)
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I’m trying to share this screen shot

Hi @Slf-man,

The screen shot made it through. It shows you are looking in Android settings. You need to exit that and use the Republic app to get the SIM type. The Republic app icon looks like this:

Screen Shot 2020-09-17 at 7.38.43 PM

Do you see that on one of your phone’s home screens?

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I have gsm

It will take y while for a response with the network connection

Hi @Slf-man,

GSM means your phone is provisioned for coverage on T-Mobile’s network. According to coverage maps, T-Mobile’s coverage in and around Pensacola is reasonably robust. That said, on balance, it does look like CDMA (Sprint network) coverage is a bit better. It’s possible to switch your phone to CDMA provisioned coverage, however, doing so would require a new SIM. If you’d like to give that a try, here’s how to make the request:

I understand it’s frustrating not to have coverage during an event such as the aftermath of a hurricane, however, sometimes that’s the reality regardless of provisioned coverage. Just as power goes out, cellular networks can be impacted by storms and/or stressed by the spike in use that typically comes in a storm’s aftermath.

I do suggest going ahead and requesting the CDMA SIM as I believe it might better serve you in the future. Meanwhile, you might try a network settings reset to see if that helps the current coverage experience. The how to from Republic on that is linked here:

Stay safe!


I think I will request the CDMA for I had to do that with my older phone.

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