Straight to voicemail...again (but worse)

Ok gang, it’s been a while since I’ve been here and I’ve done my best to sift through “old” answers but there is a lot of irrelevant stuff out there and found myself going down overly specific rabbit holes with no real solution.

Background info:

First gen Moto X (just like the pioneers used).

Previously I had a bunch of issues with calls going directly to voicemail and spent months trying everything except dancing naked with chicken blood to get the problem solved. It never really went away but since it was only about a third of the time, I lived with it. I was able to make calls with no issues, just couldn’t receive some. This happened both on wifi and cell.

[Dramatic dissolve to a week ago]

I noticed that suddenly all my calls were going to voicemail (wifi and cell). So, days ago I needed to call someone while driving home and when I dialed their number…nothing. It would freeze (sort of) on the dialing page indicating it was calling but never make a sound or connected. Then when I’d try to hang up…it would freeze on “hanging up”. I could minimize the window and do other things but it would not change from the “hanging up” state. After 20 minutes (literally) of waiting, I rebooted the phone only to get the “optimizing apps” thing. That take over an hour. Nearly every day I tried this again and again and each time there was no connection and the annoying optimizing apps after the reboot.

[Smashcut to yesterday]

Same deal, wife’s call went straight to voicemail. I left my office and tried calling multiple people, not once did it connect.

[Fade to lunch today]

So while dining on a generous portion of Burger Kings exquisite offerings at lunch today I decided to do some experimentation (relax, not the kind you did in college). I tried to make a call to my other cell phone multiple times…no dice. Then I called multiple time from my other phone to my RW phone. Straight to voicemail each time. I then repeated this using a nearby wifi connection. No joy on target.

So…this leaves me with a device that cannot receive calls or make calls. I left out the parts where I repeatedly cleared, cache, etc. Everything else works fine. Texting has no issue, internet, Bieber-4-eva app…they all work.

Please tell me there is an answer to this issue and that I simply overlooked it wadding through the “self help” area.

Thanks gang, I look forward to your assistance!

I had the problem with calls going directly to voice mail on both the Moto X (1st Gen) and Moto X (2nd Gen) and managed to solve that by changing a setting in my ASUS router. This, of course, only applies to my home network. When connecting to other networks its a crap shoot.

I also experienced calls going to voice mail a few times while roaming on cell. RW attributes this to the unreliability of roaming. I did not experience this when “home” on Sprint.

I’ve also seen the problem with outgoing calls simply failing to dial. That went away with the last update to the Republic app but shortly after that I switched to one of the new 3.0 phones and can’t say it persists for me. My SO, who still uses a Moto X (1st Gen) experienced it once and solved it with a restart.

Have you tried running your phone in Safe Mode for a day or two? This limits you to native apps but calling, messaging, Maps and Chrome are native so the phone is quite functional. This will tell you if some 3rd party app is messing with your phone.

I guess I could give it a shot however, I don’t have any new apps. And I wouldn’t have access to other things that I need access to throughout the day.

I am starting to get frustrated since this has been going on well over a year now.

It is worth a try. A while back Facebook updated their app causing a huge problem for their users. Another possibility with existing apps is that they are/have been updated to work with Marshmallow and Nougat and these updates might impact their behavior under Lollipop. If that happens to a native app Safe Mode won’t uncover the problem.

I got a new Prius last summer when I still had my Moto X (2nd Gen). The Bluetooth interface on the new Toyota rendered my X2 useless for hands-free driving. My new Samsung S7 works perfectly with it but you didn’t mention having these problems with a Bluetooth connection.

I just did a little experiment. I booted into safe mode and was able to make and receive calls. Evidently it is a rouge app that is causing issues.

Is there a good way to determine what app is the problem?

Not really. At least uninstalling/reinstalling apps is easy. Among the more notorious apps are Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Dunkin Donuts and Gas Buddy. Maybe someone else will post other problematic apps.

I am proud to say that I don’t use any of those apps.

I will try to do this one by one.

Any app that takes control over portions of your phone would be suspect.

For example, firewall, call blocking, third party dialer, etc…would be worth checking into.

If you get your phone in the state where all calls go to voicemail…an interesting experiment would be…to try to make a call to your underlying Sprint number and see if that behaves differently.

Some have had luck using Smart App Manager - Android Apps on Google Play and sorting by ‘Install date - New to Old’ as this will pick up either installs or updates, and it could well be a previously working app that got ‘fixed’

*BTW … we miss you *

Well aint that sweet. I miss you guys too. Unfortunately North Africa is not the best place to keep in touch.

I think I’m just going to go app by app and try to figure this thing out. I really don’t have any apps that take over a portion of the phone as previously suggested so I’m sure it’s just one with unintended consequences. Fingers crossed it’s not my Bieber-4-eva app!

Woo hoo! Nailed it!

The problem appears to be a podcasting app. Deleted the app and it’s roses and rainbows!!!

Thanks gang, you guys rock!

Spoke too soon…not fixed.

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