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My wife and I have been using the Ascend 5W for about a month. We’ve been with RW since 2012 and were previously using Moto X1s.

Our problem: about 50% of my calls to her Ascend phone go straight to voicemail

Circumstances: I’m at the office and usually call her from my office landline. Her phone is constantly connected to our home wifi. The phone immediately plays her voicemail greeting with no rings. If I call back right away, the same result is reached. If I wait long enough or at different parts of the day, the call will ring. She has no awareness of these missed calls and this issue was not present when she had her Moto X1. There have been no changes to our home wifi.

I’ve seen some threads regarding call problems with this phone when cell service isn’t available. Could it be that her phone is dropping the cell connection periodically, thereby preventing calls? I thought it was supposed to work through wifi alone?

This is an ongoing problem RW will soon have a fix for. In the meantime there is a work-around in this thread that has been working very well for some of us:

Is your phone losing its WiFi connection while sleeping?

Thanks for the heads up. I’ve finished reading the thread. Should I still submit a ticket to support to document the issue, or is it well enough known? If it’s just weeks away, we can wait for the official fix rather than the work-around.

Do you have no cellular coverage in your house? The issue we are seeing is if you have no cellular or put the phone in airplane mode while on WiFi. Those two scenarios make it hard for us to move to a cellular backup when the phone is in a deep doze mode.

In the past RW has encouraged tickets because that helps them gauge how widespread the problem is.

Please open a ticket and let them know if the work-around solves it because that will help them classify the problem. Calls can go to voicemail and WiFi can disconnect for more than one reason, most notably router issues, but this is a new problem.

In some cases where the problem is severe but difficult to replicate they will ask individuals who are technically inclined to test their solution before releasing it.

@seanr, thanks for your reply. I’ll ask her to keep an eye on the cell bars. We do have service, but it may be a little spotty.

It’s this spotty service that makes the “deep sleep” problem intermittent for me. When T-Mobile can find my phone the call comes through and then when the cell service drops the Republic app switches the call to WiFi. When T-Mobile can’t find my phone the call goes to voicemail.

Thanks @billg, ticket submitted.

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