Strange behavior of Republic app observed


I was at an area hospital with my SO this morning. She has a Moto X (2nd Gen), I have a Samsung S7. We both connected to the facility’s WiFi. She immediately got a solid white arc. I got a hollow white arc. Having been there before we knew we had to agree to their terms. I did that and my arc turned solid white. Her arc, as I mentioned, was already solid white before she had agreed to their terms.

It is as if the 2.0’s Republic app can declare the connection VOIP-worthy before it even has a chance to shake hands with RW’s equipment.


Unlike 3.0 phones, 2.0 phones have the “Help me with extra verification” option in the RW app’s Settings > WiFi Settings menu. Is hers checked?


It wasn’t but it is now. My point is that the arc showed a good VOIP connection before she had agreed to their terms.



You may be misinterpreting what you saw.

I currently have a Legacy G3 and G4 sitting here.

The 2… app for G3 phone will generate a solid white arc when connected to WiFi and no data is available. IOW with my DSL line disconnected.

The 3… app for the G4 phone will not whiten the arc until data is actually available. IOW after plugging DSL line into router.

Short delay you saw may be the 3… app verifying data is available?


I was under the impression both versions checked with the mother ship to certify the connection. The 3.0 version did.

I knew about the arc remaining white after a dsl connection was interrupted but I thought it made an initial check with the mother ship.


Just re-verified by turning WiFi off, unplugged, WiFi back on. Hollow arc, short delay then arc is solid.

Would think the MS is not involved and the 3… app is smart enough to know data is available?

Unless my G3 is broken it appears the 2… app is lacking. Possibly one of the more recent app updates inadvertently dumbed down the 2… app?


Maybe @seanr will clear this up for us.


I have said this before, but the app does not check VoIP quality. If the app is able to authenticate over WiFi then it is good-to-go. When you make a call, the phone will move to cell if the path is bad. The arc is a notification of server connection. Basically, when you connect to WiFi, the phone will connect with SIP(VoIP) and MQTT(texting, voicemail etc). There arc then reflects the outcome of this attempt.


What arc, hollow or solid? Server connection?

What about the hollow, then solid arc seen when a modem/router’s DSL line is not plugged in (2… app) ? Phone isn’t connected to a server if there’s no way for data to reach a server.



If the Moto X (2nd Gen) hadn’t yet agreed to the terms, how did it connect to the server? The Samsung S7 didn’t connect until it had agreed to the terms.


That is a network question (not our network). Why they allowed our app to talk to the server.


I’m perplexed. The S7 behaved normally. I couldn’t talk to the server until I agreed to the terms. That tells me the hospital’s network was performing as expected and the problem is with the Republic app on the X2. FWIW I’ll be able to repeat this next Monday.


It should not have a solid arc if the phone cannot connect to the server, but odd things can happen if you are connected to WiFi and that WiFi suddenly loses access to the Internet. The issue us that the trigger telling us to retry the server connection might not be retried. It should go hollow a few minutes later or if you cycle WiFi.


Could your wife call/text? Had she ever agreed to terms there in the past? Some sites will remember users. Hard to guess after the fact.


The arc purely reflects the status of the phone’s connection to our servers. We use servers to authenticate and handle calling and texting.


She has not connected there in the past. I have connected there multiple times {S7} and they require an agreement to their terms each time.


Me and my sister actually experienced this constantly on my Universities WiFi back before they streamlined it.

Our university would require you to login with your Student ID and Password before you could connect to the internet. You had to log in every time you connected and it would kick you off constantly.

When our phones would auto connect the Arc would turn white and tell us that Calls, Texts, and Data was available over WiFi. However, none of these things were true and it was a big point of frustration for my sister because she would miss important calls and texts for hours then suddenly be bombarded by all the notifications when she logged in.

This happened without any explination and the only solution was to turn WiFi off at all times on campus.


That isn’t the situation at this hospital. Their WiFi works very well throughout the place. Moreover, they have cell repeaters that deliver full bars of both Sprint and T-mobile deep in the building’s interior.


It does not go hollow 20 minutes later or if WiFi is cycled.

In fact the WiFi needs to be switched off to use my cell data for web access. Then when switched back on the the arc immediately fills. Again this is with the DSL wired plug disconnected from the modem/router. I also went to the effort of using a WiFi hotspot to duplicate the same.

The arc doesn’t reliably reflect the status of a connection to your servers The app may authenticate OK and direct calls to cell when the WiFi indication is bogus.

The arc is not a reliably indication for members to determine whether or not they have a WiFi data connection. RW has been preaching this stuff all along. No wonder you have so many confused Legacy phone members and questions.

Please pick up one of each Legacy phone and try to duplicate this. I’m not getting paid for this and you are.

Thankfully RW has seemed to figure out to get indications straight with the 3… app and phones.


Oh, we would have full signals but because the network had a auto kick for inactivity you would be greeted with the login page after awhile.

My campus also has excellent cell service so that is not an issue either. But since republic beleived that they had connection to the internet (the Arc reflected this) no calls or texts would make it to the phone.