Strange behavior of Republic app observed


While in this state can you still make and receive calls and text messages? Do we route then over cell?


Yes as I already implied.

Are you saying what I’m observing concerning RW’s 2… app is perfectly normal to indicate a bogus WiFi data indication and has always been that way?



So we are doing the most important thing, delivering service. The arc will have some time that it is not exact, since it relys on triggers from Android and not all edge scenarios have triggers.


A couple of years ago I noticed that the arc remained white if there was a good WiFi connection but no internet connection. I reported it in the old Community and by service ticket. That has never been resolved.

In that case the arc had gone white before the internet connection was disrupted because it could shake hands with RW’s server. In this case the arc turned white before it was possible to shake hands with the server.

There have been a few updates to the 2.0 Republic app since that first discovery. Although that initial problem was never resolved either a new problem was introduced or what I observed was simply a fluke. I’ll find out next Monday.



Will look forward to hear what you observe next week. My interpretation of seanr’s response: RW is aware of it, it is how it works (fails to give proper notification) at times and won’t affect your voice calls unless a cell signal is unavailable. Should member’s expect more? Thanks.



Just took an additional step into our discovery process by reactivating my G1. All my previous finding were the same.

Believe it’s important note that data is not able to be used for web access in this condition WiFi needs to be turned off to allow the use of cell data. Would be rather confusing for members if every in this situation.
… …


Yes, it certainly is.


In RW app, there is an option to auto verify future connections to a WiFi that requires verification. Maybe your wife’s phone has this option enabled already and yours has not.
Go to RW WiFi settings and see if “Help me with extra verification” has been checked.
My church WiFi requires verification and by enabling auto verification, my phone connects to the WiFi without having to manually go through the extra step.


That option was switched off. I turned it on but perhaps I should turn it back off for tomorrow’s test.


Here is another interesting tidbit: I borrowed a spare Moto X (1st Gen) from a friend and put the Anywhere beta on it. It can make calls from the Anywhere app. The phone is not activated and is, therefore, working as a tablet. The Republic Wireless arc is solid white. :grin:


to quote @billg
"Here is another interesting tidbit"

I have the wifi on a phone turned off, I just woke up the screen and just for a second the arc was solid
and then changed to unfilled…

so something is broken, somewhere…


Do you expect upgrades to the legacy platform? I don’t.


May be expected with the burnt in RW app unless notifications disabled. RA app should have no affect on the arc.

That is known as a spurious fault. It’s not the app/phone being broken. If it happens every day it’s just a glitch of the app/system.

Of course not. That’s not the point of billg’s topic or subsequent discussion.



I see the empty arc, connected to cell, which goes to solid, connected to wifi all the time.
this was the 1st time, with no wifi, that when I woke up the screen that the arc was solid and then went to empty,
no big deal just something I found strange… so “not a bug but an undocumented feature” :stuck_out_tongue:



I like your feature diagnosis.


I tested this again this morning. This time it worked flawlessly, displaying a triangle in the top left corner and the captive portal language centered on the screen. Before agreeing to their terms I went to the Republic app and turned on the login help feature. Then I went back to their captive portal dialog box, accepted their terms, and watched as the Republic app recorded my acceptance for the visit next Monday.

I suppose what her phone displayed the last time was a fluke.