Strange light Coming From Front of Turned Off Phone

The G3 that has been turned off for a week or more, but suddenly has a light showing from the front of the phone from the audio space at the top? What is that and why?


If I recall correctly the Moto G3 has a hidden LED under the speaker grill for when the phone battery has drain to a point it can not power up the screen, best guess is that either the phone battery needs to be recharged (what is is current charge level?) or that LED is misbehaving

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Hi @amyb9

This has been reported before. Check out this older post to see if any of the suggestions might be of help:

Moto G3 front LED won’t shut off!

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Are you sure it was turned off and not just on standby. @drm186 is indeed correct that that is the low battery light. If you plug it in to a charger and allow it to charge, does the light go off?

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The led in the speaker grill is designed to show charging when battery is too weak to light screen. It should never turn on unless the battery is drained and the charger cable is plugged in. Moisture in the speaker grill or USB port can cause this or it could be a damaged USB port.


Seems to power up, battery is not drained. The phone is only used to remote forward my landline number. But never saw the light previously… thought it was a spirit trying to contact me today…


Yes, has to be powered off to be able to do the remote forwarding of the old landline number…

Full battery charged as it has been off for months…

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