Strange Moto Z3 Play Accessory in the box

I was looking for the USB-C to 3.5mm converter and found it in the box, but there was also another rubber piece that was unexpected. It was nicely packaged and had a product code on it that I could not find in a Google search.
I guess it is to hold the converter to your headphones?
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I know people gripe about not having 3.5mm jacks on the newer phones, but with Bluetooth 5 and APTX support, it is becoming less of a problem. The converter jack works fine, and you can buy replacements pretty cheap (<$7). With wireless charging becoming more popular, it might not be long till the USB port goes away. Hopefully this will help get to a waterproof phone. I know you won’t be able to hook up an HDMI cable if the USB port goes away, but with devices like the Chromecast, that is not a big deal either.

That’s an interesting accessory, no idea what it is. I won’t buy a phone without a headphone jack though.

With a good DAC in the phone even APTX BT Audio sounds poor by comparison with good headphones and I find it annoying not to easily be able to charge and listen at the same time if I want to use wired headphones. I tried briefly and ended up giving the phone (Essential PH-1) to my son because I hated the missing headphone jack so much.

Many phones already can be submerged for up to 30 minutes, that’s plenty of waterproof for me and I’m always going to want to phone to have a nice speaker, which necessitates an opening.

Hi @muerte33,

I just watched 8 unboxing videos to try to find out what that thing is - the first seven ignored it altogether. The 8th one called it a “tether” and said it was to keep the cords together. Sounds like you guessed it right.

I’m moving your topic to our “Discussions” section since it’s likely to unfold as more of a “headphone jack vs. no headphone jack - what’s the future” discussion and since you had answered your own question.


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