Strange Symbol On My Motog

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Hi @jimkat40 and welcome back to the Member Community. The only thing I see in the post is a “green dot” in the center of the block. Is that what you intended to post?

If you can you provide more details, like a complete screenshot showing where the symbol in question is displayed on the phone screen, the Community might be able to offer some help.

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Is it a notification dot?

@cbwahlstrom - that’s my guess. We have them on our Moto G6, like shown on the Google icon below.

Notification Dot

Guess we’ll wait and see what additional information @jimkat40 provides :thinking:

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I truly apologize for the hasty post. the symbol was the battery saver.
Thanks for the willingness to help!! By the way, how do you insert an image here?

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Here you go @jimkat40 :slight_smile:

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@jimkat40 glad you figured out what the symbol was. There are so many they can be hard to keep up with :grin: And I see @SuperT fixed you up with a document that details how to share a photo or screenshot. All is good!

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