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I am using a RW Moto G fast. It says that it uses Android 10 and Bluetooth 5 LE which my hearing aid company-Resound One- says is required to connect to an Android Phone. However, I can not connect to the Moto G, other than just being able to use their app for volume control and other features. No audio streaming ! Anyone else out there able to connect? The tech support person for the hearing aid company also noted that the phone has to be ASHA certified…anyone know about this?

Here’s a similar inquiry on the Motorola Community:

From that discussion:

Thanks for asking this. Unfortunately, we don’t (have) devices with this feature. This capability is chip-dependent and we’re waiting for the chip manufacturers to evaluate and possibly enable this. I appreciate your feedback, I will pass it along but we can’t guarantee anything.

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Thanks for the quick response! Not the answer that I was hoping for, but at least know my options now.


ReSound offers the Phone Clip+. I used a similar device offered by Widex (COM-DEX) for my hearing aids. It was good, but the sound was not stereo, just mono sent to both left and right hearing aids. The other problem was delay, such that sound did not sync with video.

yep, i can see that as an option…just don’t want to shell out another 250 bucks on top of the 4k for the hearing aids. It should be a lot simpler than this. plus folks say the resound phone clip is flimsy and has a hard time pairing.

I have Resound hearing aids and the Phone Clip+. The clip on that device is indeed flimsy. Mine broke within a week of purchase. I do not find it hard to pair though. The PC+ works very well with the android app for streaming and the sound is in stereo (I doubled checked this morning to be sure since I haven’t used it in a while.) I can’t speak to how the PC+ works with video as I have never used it in that way. Based on my usage frequency, I agree that it is a very expensive option and I do not plan to buy another PC+ if mine ever quits working.

i also have an apple app that i use with my aids for volume, bass & treble adjustments and find it is easier to use and that it provides more control than the android app; however, there is no streaming available with the apple app.

Which Apple app do you use? This is a constant problem for many of us and any solution is worth giving a try.
For any call longer than a few seconds, I have gone to Apple AirPods … the stereo is great (but of course have to remove the Hearing Aids, get the Airpods out of the charging case … however they pair flawlessly

I don’t use my aids for streaming phone calls. I tried it once and found it quite annoying. I prefer to just use the phone normally and with my basic settings find that I have no issues understanding others at all. I square dance and have to adjust to the voices of many different callers (male and female), different size halls, and a multitude of speaker arrangements. No hearing aid specialist was ever able to adjust my aids to fit the multitude of situations I have to deal with. With the app on my apple phone, I can easily adjust the settings to the particular situation I am in.

To answer your question: I use the Kirkland Signature Choice app available in the Apple Store. My aids were manufactured by ReSound and sold by Costco. The ReSound Smart 3D app in the Apple Store appears to be, and I have been told by a hearing aid specialist that it is, quite similar to the Kirkland app. It is what I plan to use when I get my new ReSounds later this year.

My basic response to the OP is that streaming currently is expensive, quirky, and doesn’t suit me. I do hope the newer generations of aids will address the issue but, at present, the ability to control volume, directionality, bass and treble with an app is a much better solution for me.

Thanks, tried both apps, but apparently, my old Costco/Resound are too old, no pair :frowning:

Mine are from 2015 (KS 6) and pair easily with the apps and the Phone Clip+. Sorry yours won’t pair.
@irvingw, the only solution I have found is to spend the $250. It’s expensive and you may wind up not liking it, but I don’t know of any other way at this time.

Edited to add that I have a friend who has the Phone Clip+ and uses it regularly, wearing it on a cord around his neck. His PC+ appears to be holding up well. I don’t know if he modified it in some way or if he has a newer version of the clip.

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I am very surprised to read of this problem, because I have a Moto X4 cell phone with Republic Wireless and my KS9 hearing aids (Phonak) bought from Costco over a year ago link and work perfectly with my Moto phone!
When the phone rings, I hear it as a gentle tinkling sound in my hearing aids, and when I converse on the phone, the voice of the incoming caller is heard perfectly by me through my hearing aids in my ears.
I can’t imagine why anyone from Motorola or elsewhere would tell you otherwise.

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I have Phonak and a Moto G6. I tried streaming and realized that the sound sucked, a combination of the audiologist’s settings and mono. I used it to answer the phone and found the interface a bit clumsy. The killer was that the phone only paired with one device at a time, so when it was paired with the hearing aids it would not pair with Android Auto in my car. I unpaired with the hearing aids so the phone would automatically pair with the car.

I am resigned to waiting a generation or three for Android, phone (actually, Qualcomm, the chip manufacturer most phones use) and hearing aid manufacturers to get the bugs worked out.

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