Stubborn wife who pays to much

I have been an RW member for years. Wife has been a Verizon customer for years. I am trying to get her to change to RW. She has a non compatible phone, so she would have to get a RW phone. She is worried that she will loose her contacts, games, all of her apps and every thing else on her present phone. How can I convince her that it can all be transferred. If She signs up with RW and wants to keep Verizon for an overlapping month. Can she port her Verizon # after a month?

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Generally, it’s possible to move these things from phone to phone. Let’s see if we might help with that. May we know the brand, model and generation of the phone your wife uses with Verizon? Knowing this would also allow for us to suggest a Republic compatible phone.

This is not a problem. All phones activate for the first time with Republic using a new number. So long as her Verizon number remains active there, she may transfer it in at any time. Republic is offering two free months for folks establishing new service who bring their number from another service provider. More on that is here: The terms of the offer require she would need to transfer her Verizon number within 30 days of activation, so I suggest not waiting quite a full month before transferring her Verizon number if Republic service proves a fit.

Additionally, please know you may provide a referral for your wife as described by Republic here: Republic Wireless Referral Program – Republic Help.


She has an LG k20 V

It’s an VS501 MODEL#

Adroid 7.0

Hi @larcnt,

Thanks for the additional context!

If your wife likes her LG K20V, Republic offers the similar LG K30: LG K30 – Republic Wireless. LG includes its LG Mobile Switch app on the K30 for moving user content from old to new phone.

If your wife is looking for an upgrade, the Moto X4 is, in my opinion, the best deal out there in terms of a Republic compatible phone. To get the pricing making it that best deal requires purchasing the phone from a retailer other than Republic. Motorola has more to say on that here:

Moving your wife’s content from her LG K20V to a Moto X4 wouldn’t be as seamless but is quite possible. Fellow Republic members (Republic likes to call customers members) offer help with that here: How to Transfer Contacts, Photos, Text messages and Other Info to Your New Phone.

Finally, if you’re comfortable sharing one, what’s the zip code where your wife uses her phone. With that, we can help be certain any Republic compatible phone being considered will provide a quality coverage experience.

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Zip is 78598 My RW phone works just fine here.

Based on your ZIP code, I wouldn’t recommend the K30.

Some explanation is necessary… Republic works with two cellular partners, Sprint and T-Mobile. Certain phones (The K30 is one of them) are compatible only with T-Mobile, and my read of their map is that they coverage in your area is marginal at best.

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I would agree with the coverage assessment offered by @louisdi. You’ll want to look at one of these phones for your wife: What 3.0 Phones Are Compatible with CDMA Service? – Republic Help. Some but not all may be purchased from Republic directly.

Given the currently very attractive pricing elsewhere, my opinion remains the Moto X4 would be a great choice. To get the right coverage (Sprint), you would want to note this: How to Request a 3.0 CDMA SIM Card – Republic Help. If the X4 is your choice, you’ll want to note this as well: Moto X4 Activating on New CDMA iSIM - no Cellular Signal/Empty Signal Bars – Republic Help.

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I have a moto 4 that works fine here.

I’m guessing you’re on Sprint (CDMA). You can check this by opening the Republic App, then clicking the gear at the top, then about, and seeing what it says there under “SIM Type”.

The K30 isn’t capable of using CDMA.

If contacts are all present at, they will be automatically transferred (assuming she sets up a new phone with the same Google account). Games can be more problematic. It’s no problem to install the games (Google’s backup and restore will largely handle that), but losing her progress in the games is certainly a possibility if the game developer relies on local storage. Same thing applies to apps. If photos are backed up to, they will not be lost.

While your discussion revolves around moving to Republic Wireless, all of these same issues would be encountered if she simply were to need a new phone on her current carrier. I encountered these same issues when my son broke his phone and we had it replaced with an identical model with the same carrier.

In conclusion, my wife uses a different carrier than I do. It can be a bit more expensive, but her usage is much different than mine. I primarily want cheap data to listen to music and news while I spend my days writing at a computer in a cubicle. She needs highly reliable voice and text communications as a telecommuting consultant. We just try to pick the right carrier for the job.

I’m thinking the Moto g6

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