Stuck on 'Android is starting...'

i have perfomed a wipe cache partition and restarted my moto x pure and now is stuck on ‘android is starting…’ been an hour or more. any comments or help plz!

Hi @13iron!

Does it show you how many apps are left for optimization? The same thing happened to me after going into the recovery menu. If you have a ton of apps, I can definitely see it taking an hour. If it’s stuck on the same app for a long time, you can reboot it but be aware that this will restart the optimization process. It’s very annoying, but it shouldn’t do this on every restart once it finishes optimization. Hope that helps!


thnx for the reply but… no it didn’t show the app numbers, i have seen that before tho! the fix was suggested after opening a ticket that… “depress the power button for 10 seconds” which rebooted my moto x pure succesfully!

My Moto G (16GB) (White) (3rd Gen.) did a update of the apps a few times was there were 56 updates it got stuck twice on like app 6 and app3 then went threw all 56 now it is stuck on Android is starting… Starting apps… been a few hours I tried to hold the power button down and see if it would restart no luck. Any ideas on how to reboot it? I can’t remove the battery which is a re nice advantage when things like this happen. Thanks

Hi @jfl

You may need to press and hold the power button for more than 10 sec., (maybe up to 2 minutes, but usually not that long).

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