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So I’m going to be studying abroad for five months in Europe and I have a Republic Wireless plan - $20/month, free talk and text, no data. I understand that there’s no international RW coverage other than wifi and I’m wondering if it might make sense to cancel my service plan while I’m in Europe to save money and just use a messaging app instead. If I do so, can I easily reactive my line when I get back? Will I have the same number as before, and will I receive any SMS messages sent to my phone while it was deactivated? Just curious. Thank you!

Hi @zoeu.1ma2sr,

It’s an option.

Yes, with the caveat that you may need a new Republic SIM. If you have a 3.0 phone, the SIM would need to be replaced. If you have a legacy phone (Moto E1, E2, G1, G3, X1 or X2) no worries on that.

Canceling service outright means giving up one’s number. To preserve it for future use with Republic or someone else, you would need to “park” it somewhere. NumberBarn is one reasonably priced but not free option.

Text messages sent to deactivated phone numbers are not saved and cannot be retrieved later upon reactivation. NumberBarn does, however, allow for sending and receiving SMS (plain text) for parked numbers using its app. MMS (picture and group messaging) doesn’t work.

Lastly, this (aimed more at shorter term travel) may help some: International Travel with a Republic Phone.

Best of luck with your studies!


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